Updating your computers hardware.

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Keeping your Computers Hardware Up To Date

Besides keeping your software up to date your hardware can fail and will fail at some point in the future. If you have not had a hard drive or other component of your computer fail count your blessings as it will happen. When this happens you can lose all the data stored on your computer or the computer can become un-operable.

One of the best ways to protect yourself from hardware failure is to backup your data. Backing up your data means to create copies of the data on your computer. The data that you backup is stored on a device such as an additional hard drive, tape or CDRW on the same system or another system.

I once had a friend with a large hard drive create 2 partitions on the same drive using partition 2 to backup his data from partition 1. Wow the backups were very fast too! LOL His hard drive crashed and because his backup was on the same drive he lost all his data. You must use two different storage devices.

Companies and individuals who want the safest backups will have a minimum of 3 copies of their data. 1 will be the original the 2nd will be a copy stored on site and a 3rd will be stored in another off-site location such as a safe-deposit box.

There are two main kinds of backups used. The first is a daily or set time backup. This backup will be done at a set time of day, week or month. The other is real-time or as changed. The data backup is created as the original data is changed, at the same time.

Real-time backups can decrease the speed your system operates as the backup process uses system resources. Real-time backups can also in the case of a virus infecting your computer leave both the original and the backup data useless or destroyed as the virus is transferred to your backup data source.

At Allstocks.com we use both, real-time and daily backups and store or data from the daily backups in 3 different physical locations. If your computers data is important to you backup your data folks you will need it at some point in the future when your computers hardware does fail.

Below are a few links to backup software you can purchase.

Backup Now! Deluxe

Norton Ghost 2003

Quik Sync 3 For MAC

Here are links to upgrade your Windows operating system software. If you are not using Windows XP and your Hardware is compatible your probably making a mistake. Since the release of XP we have had 0 that's None, Nana, Blue screens or lockups ( Knock on Wood ).

Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition Upgrade

Microsoft Windows XP Professional Upgrade

Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition Non-Upgrade Version

Microsoft Windows XP Professional Non-Upgrade Version

Another way to help your computer run more quickly and reliably is to increase the RAM memory you have installed. Random Access Memory ( RAM ), is the high-speed storage that your computer uses to hold all the programs and operating system components that are currently being executed or running. One of the most asked questions we get about improving computer performance is " will more RAM make my computer run faster or better? " The answer is simple RAM will always improve your systems performance and every bit helps. Prices for RAM have dropped so low that most folks should buy all the RAM their computer will hold. We have seen studies where computers were 200% faster from adding more RAM.

Adding RAM is easy. It just snaps right in. Most computer owners manuals will explain and show how it is done.

The amount of RAM your computer will hold depends on the computer. Here is a link where you can see how much ram your computer will hold and the costs for more RAM. The link is to the worlds largest RAM memory manufacturer. Buy Direct and Save.

Crucial Manufacturers Ram Click Here

This page is being published to help our users understand a bit more about updating the hardware and in no way shape or form is it the end all or in any way a guarantee of anything! The information is published without any warranty at all! Use the information above at your own risk!

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