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Most all software or programs that are created have updates to the software issued sometime after the original release to the end users. This is done because as the software is used by the purchasers of it they find the bugs or problems that the manufacturer has over looked in the development. It is also done by manufacturers that provide for virus protection and others who's programs require updated or timely information incorporated into the working of the program.

Most of the time the manufacturers of the software will provide these updates free of charge to the owners of the software. The updates can mostly be found on the manufacturers web sites listed as a downloads section or updates section. Many products these days have added links to their updates within the running program under the help button at the top of the programs window.

There are two main threats to your computer and it's data besides hardware failures. One is from viruses and the other is from intrusion or the taking over of your computers operation via the Internet or other network connection.

Unless you are one of the very unlucky folks to get attacked first the updates from your software manufacturer will keep your computer running just fine. Those unlucky enough to get hit by a new virus or security vulnerability are the ones who report them to the manufacturers who in turn create the fixes and or updates.

Updating of the Windows operating system you own is easy and free. Just go to Windows Update there you can get all the software your computer will require for your current operating system. We recommend going there once a month at least. And if you own Microsoft's Office products you should go here  Office Update Site as well.

Apple computer users can go here Downloads .

Virus software when a computer is connected to the Internet or a network is probably the most important software besides the operating system. It is amazing how many single computer users and even network and IT managers don't use it. Wake up folks it is a must! New viruses are created all the time and the companies who provide the virus protection software are always playing catch-up to the virus creators with their updates. Here are a few links to help you with virus protection for your single computer or multi-user networks.

Most of the new anti-virus software will automatically update it's self when you are connected to the Internet. You can purchase virus software from these links.

Norton Anti-Virus Protection At A Discount Price Click Here

Mcafee Ant-Virus Protection At A Discount Price Click Here!

Get Discounted Multiple Licenses For Both Mcafee and Norton ( Symantec ) Click Here

If you already own virus software and it does not automatically update you can try to update via these links.

Mcafee Virus Protection DAT Updates

Norton and or Symantec Security Updates

We don't recommend this but here is a free source for a scan of your computer. The problem as they will tell you is at every turn your computer if not protected by installed, running and updated virus protection software is susceptible to becoming infected.

Scan Your PC For Viruses, Free

Here is a free one from Symantec

There are hundreds and maybe thousands of different viruses on the loose as well as new ones created everyday. Here are a couple of links to pages that talk of these.

Symantec or Norton


Here are links to upgrade your Windows operating system software. If you are not using Windows XP and your hardware is compatible your probably making a mistake. Since the release of XP we have had 0 that's None, Nana, Blue screens or lockups ( Knock on Wood ).

Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition Upgrade

Microsoft Windows XP Professional Upgrade

Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition Non-Upgrade Version

Microsoft Windows XP Professional Non-Upgrade Version

And finally if you want to know a bit more about a virus called "Klez" that is making the rounds at the moment check out these stories. But most importantly please get your computer virus protected and its software updated so YOU and YOUR computer can live a long and happy life.

Story 1 ZDNet

Story 2 Wired

Just a quick note: Allstocks.com's systems and or servers have not been infected with and or sent out to anyone the W32.Klez.H@mm virus or any other virus. ( Knock On Wood ! )

This page is being published to help our users understand a bit more about updating the software and in no way shape or form is it the end all or in any way a guarantee of anything! The information is published without any warranty at all! Use the information above at your own risk!


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