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Welcome to

Allstocks.com’s about us page.

For over 8 years, Allstocks.com has been creating web pages of interest to the Investor and Trader or DayTrader on the Internet. Our pages supply information to the beginner as well as the seasoned professional. This is why we say:

 “ Allstocks.com is the Investor and Traders web site. “( SM )

We have one of the Worlds Largest Investor and Trader links sections. The Investor and Trader links section is updated all the time with new links and old non working links are removed.

Determining what the stock markets are going to do in the future is what most all Investors and DayTraders would like to do. Allstocks.com helps Investors and Traders do this by posting the S&P Fair Value most everyday. We also keep track of the major Stock Market records.

Our Stock Picks section features one of the largest collections of non commercial Independent stock pickers on the Internet. These pages are supplied free of charge to our stock pickers and are updated daily as we receive the information from the Independent stock pickers. From DayTraders to long term Investors you can find them in our Stock Picks section.

Our Stock Quotes section provides both free delayed stock quotes as well as free real-time stock quotes. Both the free delayed stock quotes and the free real-time stock quotes require no sign-ups or registration.

One of the most exciting things about the Internet has been the ability to communicate with others on a real-time basis. Allstocks.com has made every effort to provide for free real-time stock communications among Investors and DayTraders on the Internet. Our free real time stock chat sections provide real time stock and investing chat for both the software savvy as well as the novice computer users. For the novice we offer a free real time live stock chat Java application that requires no setup, downloads or special knowledge. A click or two and they are chatting with thousands of Investors and DayTraders. For the web savvy pro we offer one of the most complete IRC investing oriented information sections on the net. With listings and links to some of the best Investor and Traders channels on the IRC ( Internet Relay Chat ) Networks.

One of the oldest ways for Internet users to communicate on the Internet is through the online Message Board or Bulletin Board. Allstocks.com allows for the posting of messages free to both registered and non registered users to a state of the art stock message board. The stock message board is divided into categories unique to the Investor and Traders of the financial community. We monitor the message board for spam and off topic postings and when found they are deleted or edited ASAP. On the Allstocks.com stock message board you will find only on topic non spam postings about hot stocks and other investing related topics. In addition to our in-house message board we offer information about the Internet’s Usenet Investor and Trader message board system.

Penny stocks are normally considered stocks that trade for less than $5.00. At Allstocks.com we have devoted a directory to the Penny Stock Investor and Trader. Our Stock Picks section also has quite a few hot Penny Stock pickers.

Beginner Investors and DayTraders will also find a directory devoted to information they are sure to find useful while learning the tricks of the trade. From our Internet Lingo or Abbreviations page, our What the Pros Watch and the stock price conversion page they are sure to find useful information at Allstocks.com.

Static web pages have been a long standing way to get information about a stock you are watching or a news page of interest. The old way to update the page was to keep hitting the refresh button own your browser. The new way is to use the Auto Refreshing Page Builder ( SM ) at Allstocks.com or have us build a free custom auto refreshing page.

Real time news is the best friend a Investor and Trader might have so they can best the crowd to the buy or sell of a stock they are watching. Allstocks.com provides several custom auto refreshing pages to help the news traders.

Stock symbols number in the thousands and at Allstocks.com you can find most every hot stock and not so hot stock symbol there is. We feature a complete list of all OTCBB stocks as well as a complete list of all NASDAQ stocks and of course all the NYSE stocks are available as well.

We all need a day off and at Allstocks.com our Stock Market Holidays page has been one of the most active over the years. As you might expect by the tittle we list the holidays for the US markets about a year in advance so we can all plan our holidays or vacations accordingly.

Market Makers are one of the necessary evils of the Investing and Trading world. It might be nice if they were to be outlawed or became extinct but until then Allstocks.com provides a complete list of all Market Makers with their phone numbers so they can be called and told what to do with that bid or ask they are posting to the ECN ( Electronic Trading Network ).

Our free News Letter with thousands of members has been giving “Stocks to Watch” and site updates for years. It’s free to all just like everything at Allstocks.com and is only sent when our editor feels the information is worthy. He won’t flood your email like other such lists, last year he sent 4-5 emails total.

Please feel free to explore Allstocks.com as we have much more than we have described within this page.

At Allstocks.com we are always looking for ways to improve our site and all comments and suggestions are appreciated.

The Investors and DayTraders who visit Allstocks.com are among the most impatient on the Internet so you might notice the lack of graphics or other wasteful attempts to add beauty, animation’s or sounds to our web site. This is done so our pages load lighting fast and still provide for the identification and support of Allstocks.com.

Allstocks.com is a private company based in Ohio and may be contacted here. We are supported through advertising both with banner ads and our “ Companies to Watch ” section as well as our Affiliate Memberships. We have been growing for several reasons over the years ( Our site map 355k ) and have had a great time building the web site, meeting our online friends and associates.

Thank you for using Allstocks.com.


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