Running Tracert To Find Internet Problems

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Welcome to: and our running a tracert page. Once you understand the Tracert command it may be your most used command. The handy built-in Windows utilitiy shows you the list of computers or the path to the page or site that you are trying to connect to.

The Internet routes each request from your computer through several other computers on the Internet on its way to the site you are requesting information or data from. This utility comes in handy when there is trouble between your computer and the sites computer. You can see if the problem is your computer or another computer along the connection path to the sites computer.

To run the Tracert utility go to Start/Run and type or paste the command:


This will bring up a dos screen with your Internet Service Providers computer first and then in real time list each computers connection  your request is being routed through on its way to and the amount of time it took to connect. To run a tracert to another site simpley replace with the site you are trying to connect to.

You may also use the IP address of the site or computer to run the Tracert. For example:


If a computer is down or having trouble it will show * as the time. This is a time out and may show trouble at the computer. If the * is showing trouble the Tracert utility will repeat the request up to 30 times trying to get the computer to respond.

Here is a good site for running Tracerts from all over the world.

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