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Allstocks.com is one of the largest investor or stock market oriented web sites in the world, established in 1995 we have built our user base through more than 1000 sites linking to us and very high rankings in the major search engines for keywords that are important to Investors.

As an example below is a link from AltaVista showing more than 700 sites that link to Allstocks.com.

Here is a search for sites that link to Allstocks.com

Here are a few links from the Yahoo search engine that send us new market makers, brokers and individual investors most everyday. At this writing we are ranked between #1 and #4.

Here is a search for “OTC Penny Stocks”

Here is a search for “ OTCBB “

Here is a search for “ OTC BB “

Here is a search for “ Pink Sheet Stock “

Recent Allstocks.com clients have done well with a $6.00 stock trading as high as $8.63 on record volume of more than 190,000 shares in a day ( Average volume was 24,000 ), another traded from $0.25 bid to over $1.00, another traded up from $2.50 to around $4.00 and still another traded from $0.50 to around $0.875.

At Allstocks.com we know there are several expensive and time consuming ways to build your companies investor base including telemarketing campaigns targeting, market makers, brokers and individual investors as well as direct mail, email and others.

To get most companies results we recommend at least a 3 month program. The recommended program will provide about 345,000 impressions to market makers, brokers and individual investors that visit Allstocks.com. The cost per market makers, brokers and individual investors impression is about $0.027 cents each.

This combination program has worked for small companies with limited budgets. The program incorporates a “ Companies To Watch “ mini web site hosted by Allstocks.com and banner ads that run throughout the Allstocks.com web site.

As a introductory special and for a limited time you get three months for the price of two.

Make your companies information available to the AllStocks.Com Investors and Traders each month?

Just give us a call to discuss the details. We can have your information published in just a couple of days!

Bob Frey

(216) 978-4601

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