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Welcome to

Allstocks.com’s Stock and Bond Certificates page. A stock or bond certificate is used to show ownership in a company or fund. Some companies will use a standard certificate and others will make custom certificates that might be considered works of art suitable for framing. We would bet the most framed certificates are those of the Walt Disney Company.

Stock and bond certificates can be worthless or can be worth more than $50,000 per share. A certificate can be issued for as little as one share. Most brokers will charge a fee to issue the certificates for a stock you invest in. One reason to have the certificate issued to you is so that the brokers can not borrow your stock for short sellers.

Many people collect old certificates as a hobby and some of the old certificates can be worth more than they ever were as an investment . As an example the Louisiana Purchase Exposition Company Certificates are sold today for more than $500.00 each. One of the wildest things we learned is what some of the more recent company certificates are selling for or what they are asking for them. For example we saw on a collectable site an Enron stock certificate for 1 share with a asking price of $50.00.

Below are a few links that offer more information on stock and bond certificates.

Here is a book: The Art of the Market : Two Centuries of American Business As Seen Through Its Stock Certificates

Old Stocks.com Buy Old Stock Certificates or find out your old one is worth.

Corporate and LLC Supplies Buy Blank Stock Certificates and Corporate supplies.

Stock Search International Find out what your old stock is worth.

OldCompanyResearch.com Find out what your old stock is worth.


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