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By providing clean, public shell corporations that are
ready for merger We have assisted over 200 business
clients in becoming public companies.
We will provide a COMPLETE package containing all the
necessary documents for submission to the required regulatory
If you do not already have your own merger team, We can
refer you to a variety of accredited brokers, market makers,
transfer agents and lawyers with whom we know are experienced
in supporting reverse mergers and small-cap stock sales.

For information on all the How's and Why's,
(Click Reply) with your Name, Address, Phone Number
and type of business. You will be contacted shortly!

Approximately 70% of our readers have an investment portfolio worth more than $100,000

Approximately 75% of our readers own an investment portfolio worth more than $100,000

98% of our readers invest in stocks

74% of our readers invest in mutual funds

92% of our readers are comfortable making their own investment decisions

75% of our readers say that their investment decisions have been influenced by what they have read on the internet.

81% of our readers have made an online purchase in the last six months




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