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Welcome to

Allstocks.com´s Super Search Engines page. We have gathered what we believe are the finest search engines from around the world for your searching pleasure.

Warning! Some of search engines may be located very far away. Bear in mind that your search may take longer to transit international networks!

Allstocks.com ( English ) Searches the Allstocks.com web site.

AltaVista ( English ) AltaVista is a division of Compaq and is one of the first and most complete search engines.

Anzwers ( English ) Anzwers is the premier Australia and New Zealand Search Service. It is provided by OzEmail.

AOL Net Find ( English ) Part of the America Online network.

Canada.com ( English ) Canada.com is Canada's definitive gateway to the Web.

GOO ( Japanese ) Goo is the largest, most powerful search service in Japan. It is a service of NTT.

Google One of the largest and most relavent engines.

GoTo.com ( English ) GoTo.com is a search service that focuses on accurate results.

HotBot ( English ) Hotbot is a service of Wired Digital, one of the most awarded Search services on the Internet.

Microsoft´s Search Engine ( English ) Part of the Microsoft Network.

RadarUOL ( Portuguese ) RadarUOL is the number #1 search service in Brazil. It is a feature of Universo Online.

Snap.com ( English ) Snap is a service of NBC.

Yahoo ( English ) Yahoo! is one of the Web's most popular navigational guides.

Directories of Search Engines:

Edirectory ( English ) One of the largest directories of the search engines of the world.

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