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Welcome to

StockSwami's Picks


IDTC, breaking out look for 50s- 60s

RG, looking for 30

BEAM looking for 20s

IBM, longer term 250

HWP, 100 longer term

4-8-99 Update...

Great day for the Dow, Techs lagged, well most did. We are looking for a

rally to the upside on Thursday also, A few stocks to watch here are MER, we

usually follow the always fun, fast moving Net stocks, but when a chart looks

this good and volume follows its time to add.! Back to the nets, CNET looking

VERY bullish at this point, look for some big days soon. GNET one to watch

after slowing down, EXDS splits on 4-12. expect a run? YA !!...SONE

considalited a bit, GREAT time to get in for its run, we are raising our

price to 110-120. YHOO earings report was very exciting, lets hope she helps

the sector on the typical Thursday rally. online brokers still running, AMTD

which we gave you back on 4-1 at around 60 dollars hit 100 intraday and yes

SHE goes higher !, but we may take some profits this am if gaps open,(a

trader takes what he gets). ITVU is considaliting here, watch for that run to

100 soon. NITE which just added tacked on a few. AOL and QCOM finally came

down, dont expect to much for carnage on AOL, everytime that thing drops,

buyers come right back in, its off its high by 20 + points as of now. Tide

was mentioning to me he thinks we are very overbought here, was today the

shakeout on the techs? or is there more to come. we dont know ! Good Luck

all, happy trading



Wowerss....isnt hard to go wrong in this kinda market.! our AMZN up 18. we

MAY close out position if stock is over 200 on tuesday. Naz at new highs like

we were talking about, so is the DOW, which now has 10K as SUPPORT instead of

resistance. If Naz is to keep up new highs, MSFT will be a Major contributor

as it was today, BUT it had trouble with 95 a LOT today (as my friend pointed

out to me today). Lets hope she can run up over that, if not maybe time to

sell MSFT for now, and watch for another entry point. SONE up 9+ to 91 , NTAP

we are now looking for 70-75 on it small gap up today. ITVU up BIG also. JUST

CANT stop dem NETS, this is like NO other time in trading history, I am happy

to say I am a part of it, (and MAKING money :) ).

Adding only ONE stock to BUY - not WATCH..this one could be a boomer !

- NITE . is involved in almost every shared traded as a market maker, it

handles 50- 80% of the orders placed with big online brokers. It trades

options we are going to purchase some May 70s calls in the AM. no traget yet,

but heck lets go out on limb. 200??? she HAS good earings to. DO YOUR RESEACH


(this nights stock idea was passed along from my good friend, no other than

check out our FREE site at



Swami says...

tiny little rally today (thurs.)..Dow needs to stay above 9850...if it gaps down next support is around 9600s..which isnt bad..but could get worse..some stocks just dont stop..AOL, QCOM are amazing..want to short but..WHEN?..they should be at tops around here..


- MSFT bounced up again today after selloff yesterday..court pushed back to May..

- AMZN took a much needed breather today..look to add to position we Upped our target to 220-230 .Nets are just incredible..get involved now..

- SONE took off late in day no news..volume picked up late..on it way to 100s FAST!!

- ITVU looks like it is ready..remember ABOV once street noticed it was lagging..well guess what one should catch up now.!

- NTAP Watch this one good move today.

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