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Welcome to's Real time quotes from Island page.

It appears your browser is not Java enabled.  

It appears your browser is not Java enabled.

















This page will load two Island Real Time Stock Quotes Java applets and may take just a moment to load depending upon your connection speed. Once the mini window has opened enter a NASDAQ ticker symbol to receive real-time quotes from the Island electronic communications network ( ECN ). The window will update automatically as orders are entered into the Island system. The left column will show the best Buy orders and the column on the right will show the best Sell orders. For each order the quantity of shares available and the limit price is displayed. The top fifteen orders are displayed. If you click on an order another mini window will appear showing the detail of the order.

Notice: The Island limit book quotes system may not always be representative of the NASDAQ best buy or sell price.


If your browser does not support Java you can try the html page by
Clicking Here.

Or update your browser here.

If you have added software and found the Java version no longer works click here to reload the Microsoft Java software.  Market Action Active Stocks US Markets
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