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Biofarm, Inc. was psoted at .70 cts and now is based over $1 with 3 near term catalysts of material asset events that include:

1-3)Pending 8-K completing acquisition of $100 mill Trans logistics co thats 5-7% profitable

PLUS outlined stock dividend of an add'l 1/2 share (for every 1 share BIOF owned) in a 2nd OTCBB co that has 2 of 7 IPO invts about to trade.

In november these material asset events are expected to be realized to be followed with press releases and awareness. Only 4.6 mill shares out, no debt and and huge asset appreciation per share from the forthcoming events in BIOF's cue. BIOF is subject to no dilution from it's investments. DYODD and use 10-Q: 116&Year=01&SECIndex=500780&Extension=.tst&PathFlag=0&TextFileSize= 34207&SFType=&SDFiled=&DateFiled=9/4/2001&SourcePage=FilingsResults &UseFrame=1&OEMSource=&FormType=10QSB&CompanyName=BIOFARM+I NC



Co: Biofarm Inc: OTCBB symbol BIOF

Current Stock Price: .75 cents


Shares out: 4.6 mill

Float: 4 mill

Business: Investment Co.invested in 7 Co.s of which 2 have amended SB-2 status for trading on OTCBB that contributes 1.4 mill shares of marketable securities with 5 more IPOs registrations being prepared. Recent 10-Q release discsloes pending merger with $60 mill and profitable (5-7% pretax) Trans Logistics Co.. BIOF shareholders will own 1.5 shares in 2 OTCBB Co.s upon completion of merger as stated in the 10-Q.

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