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      Professional investors and day traders want to have up to the minute business and financial news and information before anyone else, improving their competitive edge.  They want all their news and information to be available from one source, saving them time.  They want these services at a reasonable price, increasing the value they receive.  Targeted customers include:

  • Active daily on-line investors
  • Brokers
  • Analysts
  • Bankers
  • Professional traders
  • Money managers
  • Other financial market professionals
  • Industry analysts


      Jupiter Communications reports that the typical online investor demographics are:

      • 43 years old
      • 84% male
      • 74% college educated or higher
      • 49% have annual household income in excess of $75,000
      • 42% have a net worth greater than $250,000
      • 60% have a discount brokerage account
      • 47% perform more than 10 brokerage transactions annually
      • 49% purchase goods and services over the Internet
      • 42% spend over 5 hours per week tracking investments online


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