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Mr. G's Picks


6/19 picks:

Thermo Tech Technologies (TTRIF)

Recent price $0.08

Summary: TTRIF is in the busniess of wate conversion and waste

management and own the papent to a fermentation process that

provides a controlled enviornment in wich waste materials are converted

into valueable secondary products.

The stock is valued at $.28 and is at its 52 week low. Revenues have

increased 17% last year and that growth trend is expected to continue.

Cholestech Corporation (CTEC)

Recent price: $2.25

Summary. CTEC manufactures the Cholestech LDX Dry Chemeistry

Analyser for measuring blood cholesterol levels. The product is CLIA

Waived, so you need no formal training to run the machine, making it a

one of a kind. This stock has been battered over the past year do to

poor distribution agreements. But new agreements with Bergen

Brunswick and Mckesson have primed this company for growth. CTEC

also cut the work force by 10%. The company has possitive earnings

and is a huge takeover candidate by one of the major pharmaceutical

companies (MERCK or Warner Lambert). Keep an eye on this one. It is a

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