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Momentym Trader Picks



Just Starting to Trend Upwards...

INRS - Up 10%+ since 10/22 (up 395% in 1 year)

NANO - Up 15%+ since 10/26 (up 106% in 1 year)

OXGN - Up 11%+ since 10/22 (up 240% in 1 year)

For more great picks--visit


These are stocks that are trending upwards making multiple New Highs within the last 3-15 business days. Some are volatile, some are riskier than others. Do your own research for any potential investments. Due Diligence. Due Diligence. Due Diligence.

991026 Picks:

HAKI $14.00 up 25% since 10/21.

For more picks, visit our clubhouse and become a member:

Our Sept. 28 portfolio is up 30% at the close today. I'd like to hear from anyone out there doing momentum analysis...


Confidence (A-B), Symbol and current price.

A+ ASFT $8.625

A+ FILE buy buy buy $15.625

A TALX $10.50

A CNXS (caution due to liquidity/low volume) $5.5625

B+ ONTC $7.4375


Picks: 9/29/99

ACRI (26% gain since 99/09/19)

CGPI (27% gain since 99/09/20)

LEAF (13% gain since 99/09/20)

THDO (5% gain since 99/09/22) and with much potential

AEM (13% gain since 99/09/24)

DTM (7% gain since 99/09/24)

KNSY (13% gain since 99/09/28)  Links  Search   Disclaimer Advertising

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