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Welcome to

Killer Kev's Stock Picks
Email Me Here



Well, Please Sell (WHT) and like I said you would make 15% to 20% on this
stock and you did. Pretty good for 2 weeks, as for the next one I don't have it
yet. MAY NOT have a pick until Jan because Dec. is a selling month due to end
of year taxes, but keep checking back cause I just might! So Hope I'm back
in your good graces again HEHE!! With this last pick My avg. is still plus 7%
for each stock pick that I've handed out, which are 6 picks over 3.25 months.

Thanks for the support and emails, talk to you soon.

Kevin M.



Well, Please sell PCS, and let me say SORRY Again. PCS will come back but,
again it may take 3-6 months so I decided to go to another stock. This one I
GUARANTEE is a Winner. It is..... (WHT). It is now @2.70 and you should buy
it up to $2.82 and look to sell it between $3.18 and $3.37. We will make 15%
to 20% on this one. We'll make up what we lost on PCS and make some more on
top of that. Trust me on this one. As usual I don't just say it, I got a lot
invested with it also. ESPECIALLY this one. I LOVE THIS STOCK PICK.

Thanks Kevin M.


Hello Everyone,

Well, Let me first say SORRY, I think you should sell (EELN) even though
it got great news they mentioned that there 4th quarter would be even, and that
killed the stock. It will come back but, it's going to take some time 1-3
months, Is my guess, and I believe I can make up that lost money quicker. So
where off to the next stock choice which is...........(PCS)

Look for this stock to reach $4.95 to $5.25. (PCS) is now at $4.46 we should
make 10% to 15% on this one. May take 1-3 weeks but, I'm confident of this

So stick with me, Like always I just don't say it. I got My money invested
in it also. A LOT!!

Thanks Kevin M.


Hi Everybody I'm back!!!!

Should have gotten this note out to you yesterday but things happen.

Well, Please sell (DYN) I did at $3.84 made 9.68% it took so long because of
the little problem with the dollar to yen thing 2 weeks ago. Actually (DYN)
hit the target price I said...then went all the way down and then went right
back up to my target price again so you had 2 changes to sell it at that price.
But (DYN) doesn't want to break $4.00 so where off to my next Stock choice
which is......


It's at $4.23 buy it up to $4.35 and look for it to hit at least $4.80 to

Should make about 10% to 15% on this one again also but, this one will be
quicker. WHY cause E-Loan is reporting it's news next Thursday the 23rd, and it
should be right around that target price when the GOOD news breaks.

So that makes me 3 for 3 with my choices 11%, 18% and 10% I know I making
money hope you are too.

Thanks for the email and support. And as usual I'm not just telling you to
buy this stocks, I put my money were my mouth is A LOT of it!!

until the next winner Kevin M.

Thursday Sept 11 (Will always be a weird day here in New York City)

OK! I hope you sold your "Arba" Stock yesterday at the target price I set.
I did say to sell at $3.40 or $3.50 and I was RIGHT ON! I sold At @3.43 I got
in at $2.78 So I made a profit of 23.1% Hopefully you made at least
10%-15%. IN ONLY 3 Business days.

The Next Stock to buy is "DYN" But the SELL price is between $3.85 and $4.00
this one should take 3-4 days also maybe a week as long as the volume is
above 7 million stick with it. You and I should make 10-15% on this one.

16.7% on "SUNW". 23.1% on "ARBA". Stick with me people, Remember I got my
own money invest in it also. "A lot of it"

Thanks Kevin M.

Friday Sept 5th 2003

OK I Sold My 6000 Shares of SUNW Stock I got in at 3.60 and sold @ 4.20 Not bad 16.9% for 2 weeks. You can hang in there for more. But, it may take a
while. SUNW volume is very shaky lately.

I would Highly suggest a stock called "ARBA" it's @3.05 Look to sell around
@3.40 to 3.50 May only take a day or 2 for it to get there but, you should
make a good 10% to 15% on it. then I'll have another for you

P. S. When I suggest a stock. I don't just suggest it. I also have a lot
of money invested in it with you. Until the next winner one for one + 16.9%

Thanks Killer kev



SUNW buy it up to $3.95 look to sell it @4.50 it might even get higher then that.

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