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Welcome to:

KEL IV's Baby Daddy Picks


AWBI- Alpha Wireless Broadband Inc.- (OTCBB)
All of us are in a club. We are all here because we are attempting to turn a relatively small amount of cash into a life changing amount. AWBI is an amazingly cheap stock with an unmentionable upside potential that can single handily accomplish our goals. Oh, and they actually have news. Check it out. I strongly predict you won't be sorry if you buy in.  Also that nagging "e" is off CNES and it begun it's ascension. There will be an ebb and flow to it's price because of day traders, but people who want to make real $ will hold it for a while.    


CNESE-Conectisystem Corp. (OTCBB)

Down, but not out, by any means. Recently added an "e" but look for that to come off and for this stock to soar in Feb. and the rest of 2005! It should not be this easy to make lots and lots-o-cash. Last trade of .0026 on 1/28/05. This is merely my opinion, obviously, but I recommend that you not miss this ride.


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