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Welcome to:

Heroboy's Picks


Good morning,

The last little while has left the markets quite volitile, I'm posting for IMMM it had a dip and is ready to bounce back, it will be in the .30 range soon so get in while it's still in the mid to high .20's, another pick I have is over the border in Canada, it's a GPS taxi cab tracking company suitably the stock is GPS,

Do your DD, it's the only way to get ahead



Good morning all,

First of all a forwarning for anybody who is apart of the mailing lists, Before you * BUY BUY BUY* on a *BURGEONING* stock pick, Do some DD, if we all remember what happend just recently with the stock IJON, well, it's volume Rose to the millions and well, the price Dropped incredibly, all those who jumped in on this great deal took a great loss, still your choice though, this is just my $0.02

Anyways, i'm still promoting IMMM, it's not taking off as I hoped but it's no Dead end, right now it sits @ $0.36 up .06 from last week on barely any volume at all, get in and hold, I'm aiming for mid .50's to .60's, so please at least keep an eye on it!

Careful everyone, do your DD




Good morning,

Just updating on the stock IMMM, hasn't had much volume that past few weeks, still waiting for a break, I've been buying shares as I can afford it because i'm sure it will move soon. For all of you who got into my previous stock pick MKCT, congrats!, I posted it @ .07c and it made an astonishing jump into the near .30c range, excellent time to sell them off, right now there is a good wave in the stock, so anyone looking to play it buy low sell high, yesterday it made a move to .10 and ended the day @ .18c good for some quick profits!

Keep your eyes on IMMM and do some DD on it, going to make a respectable move soon

Trade on!



Good morning

Bought more IMMM today, strong volume, will break out soon, as posted before the stock recently dropped from the .60's range and will be back soon, especially with this volume of trades, excellent value in the low .30's

MAXF is also moving quite strong closing in on the mid $5.00 range right now but I still recommend this stock as a longer term investment.

Good luck,



Good morning,

I'm posting an update for IMMM, first off, the asking price has been stuck @ .40 for the past week which i'm sure most of you have noticed, we had one day of 0 Volume which means people are holding tight, which also means the price *WILL* go up, friday was a very interesting day, someone shorted 800 shares @ .31, that won't effect the stock though unfortunately, the ask will still hold .40, soon the people shorting will lose out on the profits to be made. Still looking for mid .50's to .60 on this stock shortly, an excellent return.

Another stock i'd like to post is more of a long, MAXF, is a financial company that was hit hard by the september 11 attacks and has been pulling back stronger by the day, they just reported a net income of $1.97 million for the third quarter, today the stock sits in the $4.40 range, and it is picking up momentum. Good safe buy for people looking to long.

Keep your eyes on my picks and do some DD, watch the results.



good morning everyone,

as promised I am posting a stock for everyone to pick up to finish our week and get into next week to make some profits. IMMM had hit a beautiful low of .32 and is ready to jump right back to where it came from .65. There was alot of shorting in this stock the past 2 weeks and they did release a strong earnings for the final of this year, I feel that it will have no problem getting back into the .50's and possible .60's within the next 2-3 weeks, so buy between .35-.40, and earn 20-30% profits, which is a good strong amount.

Once again do your DD and prosper.



Good morning everyone,

Actually it is a good morning, those of you who jumped in to MKCT when i posted it at .07 have made a total killing, MKCT has managed to break the .15 barrier, Now is a good time to take your profits of 100%, i'll be posting another strong stock for friday! good luck to you all.




Well, MKCT is well on it's way up already, on small volume the stock managed to pull up from .07 to .10, there will be a strong demand and like i said we should see .13-.14 buy the end of next week, 30% gain in one day is a strong move, keep your eyes on it and you'll see.



Good morning everyone, I'd like you to all do a little DD on MKCT, They've just recently split the stock 16:1 to help control MM's from purchasing the stock, there is money to be made seeing as it has bottomed out quite well now, should see a good spark within the next week up to the .13-.15c range which will give an excellent return for those who have a chance to get in before it goes over .10

Do your DD and watch your money grow



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