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Excellent Stock Picks

The stock market has been getting hammered the past week or so. The good thing is, a good amount of stocks have gone down enough to pick them up at a good buy!
One such stock is:
BSQR - Anything under $1.30 is a great buy. Look for it to regain momentum and hit at least $1.50 in the next 2 - 3 weeks.
Watch List:
EFSF - This chart is starting to shape up, I expect 2005 to be an excellent year for this one!
NIHK - Here is another company that I expect will have an excellent year in 2005!
BPTR - Another great company! My target on this one is $1.50 a share by the end of March.

Here are two very low priced stocks with EXCELLENT fundamentals and EXCELLENT upside. I really believe we will see these two companies make some serious noise in the next few months:  
NIHK (NightHawk Systems Inc.) this one is starting to break out!
OMNA (Omni Alliance Group Inc.)
Watch List:


Looks like I was right on the money with FONR which I selected on 11/12/04 with a 3-month target of $1.60. On 11/25/04, it hit a high of $1.70 and closed at $1.64. Both MBEU and EFSF are both making gains and should seriously be looked at! EOGI looks like its consolidating a bit, but then shold make its way back north again.

My pick for 11/29/04 is SMD. There are two reasons I am picking this stock. One, it is purely a Christmas play. Two, for technical reasons. It closed at .71 on 11/25/04. It should easily hit a minimum of .85 soon and by years end, it should hit $1.00 or more. Their recent news release is upbeat!

EFSF   (EFoodsaftey Com Inc)
Here is another gem! On 11/10/04 this company's Big Six Germicidal product passed the EPA Protocol testing with 100% efficacy and 100% effectiveness. The stock shot up from .30 to .45 on that day! They just released some more good news yesterday. Analysts are predicting this stock with a short-term price target of $2.00! Some analysts are saying it will go as high as $4.00 or $5.00 a share. On the conservative side, it should definetely hit $1.00 in the very near future. Check out their recent news releases. At these levels, this company is a gem!

My pick for today is MBEU. This company is starting to  make its way north is a BIG WAY! Look at their recent news and judge for yourself. MBEU will not stay under $1.00 much longer in my opinion. 2005 is going to be a big year for them, and investors are staring to notice this gem.


Recent news has this stock poised for great success! This is a great time to buy on the dip at $.30 and sell at $.50 or more!

StockPick for 11/12/04:
Good morning everyone! Here is a company that just had excellent earnings, have an excellent product, and their chart looks excellent! Check out FONR
3 month target: $1.60

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