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Chris' Picks


AUTQ -- Has reached new high several times in volume and price per share. Volume is up to an average of 460,000 a day had highs of 1.2 - 2 million shares a day. Highest print in the last week was at .35. Some profit taking has been going on and 26 Fri Sep it closed at .28-.30. The next two weeks I would expect to see a number of news releases showing new contracts that should be added to their 4th quarter revenues. I expect to see .03-.04 e.p.s. ( earning per share )

SKNT -- News was released 26 Fri Sep that they will award in a dividend 1 share for every 4 shares that you own by 15 Oct 03. The dividend share is for the new spin-off company for the CWR unit ( Clean Water Resonator ). These units are already generating alot of attention from the Canadian Government and the U.S. Government. Orders are already coming in. This new spin-off should be trading publicly in the next 4 - 6 weeks. So grab as much SKNT stock as you can. SKNT closed this week at .14 - .18 buying pressure is coming in and with that the price is starting to recover. If you already own it at a higher price you may want to average down as quickly as you can while the opportunity is available.


AUTQ-- Closed today at .185 x .20 News is expected out that could very well cause this to run up to .50 or .60 very quickly.
Volume for the last four days has been great,

Wed just over 500 thousand shares
Thur Just over 680 thousand shares
Fri just over 1.8 million shares
Mon just over 1.2 million shares

Time to grab as much as possible.

15 Sep 03

AUTQ-- Volume the past week and a half suffered a little as well as the price. The good news is today it started recovering which provides an excellent opportunity to BUY,BUY,BUY. Investors Business Daily printed an article about AUTQ and a new contract that they are expecting from a second government council in the U.K. There are approximately 300 vehicles in their fleet, at $3,000 per vehicle that could represent as much as $900,000. I anticipate the bulk of this contract to be reported in the first quarter of the new fiscal year starting Oct 1 03. It also appears that they will make their move to the U.S. earlier than originally forecasted. Watch this company closely for I am expecting great things to tart happening in the near future that could result in an increase in revenues and profits. While the price has dipped get your position now ahead of any possible news.

WLFI-- Price is down from earlier reports but don't let this scare you off. If anything this should be the perfect time to grab a substantial position for less. Great things come to those with patience. This stock is not a sprinter but more of a marathon runner. The 4 South Florida locations should be announced soon, look for them to be showing up at one of the Gold's Gyms in your area soon.

SKNT-- Volume has been getting better and better, equal buying and selling right now is making this a great buying opportunity. I would strongly recommend a position of 50,000 shares. Once this is up 250 - 300 percent, sell off half of your position so that your original principle and some profits are taken and then let the rest of it sit there for the long haul as a free investment.

4 Sep 03

AUTQ -- Today the volume was low but the 2nd and 3rd had two days of great volume has caused the stock to see a new high. Most of the volume has been created by the fact that there has been news out every day so far this week. This week three new sites have issused press releases about AUTQ and its technology. Those sites are the following.. Macreport.net, Pennydoctor.com and Wallstreetreporter.com. I am still expecting another site to mention AUTQ as well as a large purchace order for their equipment. Today the stock closed at .13 x .16. Volume and price should continue to increase regurly.

WLFI -- Not enough people have heard about the Co-Branding that is beginning with Gold's Gym. They will start with 4 locations in South Florida and with-in a short amount of time I expect to see more and more of the 646 locations to be co-branding with WLFI.
Todays close was .10 x .145. While volume is building on this one is when you should be acquiring your position at the best possible price.

SKNT -- BUY BUY BUY BUY While this one is suffering from some poor news and some selling grab as much of this as you can and don't stop till you have about 50,000 shares.

28 Aug 03

AUTQ -- Poor day for volume, only 10,000 shares. There is a lot of expected news to be released in the next week or so. We should see a large increase in volume and price. Get as much as you can while this is trading light. Closed today at .10 x .11

WLFI -- Today's volume should have moved the price up but most investors were getting their orders filled between the bid and ask prices so it ended the day at .12 x .14 Volume was at 51,000. THERE IS GREAT NEWS OUT TODAY AS WELL!!!!
Today they announced an agreement with GOLD'S GYM to begin Co-Branding. There will be 5 gyms at first on a test basis in South Florida. I expect that these test sites will go extremely well.
Based on previous press releases they have reached numerous milestones as far as the industry goes, they have become an addition to the employee health benefits package with a hospital in Rhode Island, they are also associated with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Rhode Island, also they have started a pilot program to help combat childhood obesity in N.C. at one of the elementary schools.

SKNT -- Today it had some volume but the price has not yet rebounded since the report on Knobias came out. While this stock is getting little to no volume grab as much as possible the rewards should be more than plentiful once it takes of with the expected revenues start pouring in. Still my favorite pick to become one of the rare gems that comes off the pinksheets and into stardom as a Blue Chip.

27 Aug 03

AUTQ--- Finished the day with some good volume but the day ended with some selling which brought the price down. It closed today .10 x .11. With the release of their new product I am expecting to see a number of new contracts bringing in more revenue. According to an interview with the CEO which is on CEOCAST.Com we should see around 100% increase in revenue for the next fiscal year. Look at the chart on this one guys every time it has a little pull back it usually goes up to a new high several cents above the last one.

WLFI -- Has suffered a little pull back but I am expecting a complete recovery and a surge in volume and a significant increase in cost per share very shortly, grab this one while you can. As of close today it was trading at .12 x .14 Don't let the price or the volume scare you away from this little gem.

SKNT -- Still is suffering from the news report on Knobias, don't expect a new release to clarify what exactly is being cancelled for stock. It has come to my attention that this sleeping giant could be seeing better than $12.00 e.p.s. with in the next five years. To see what I see go to their web site, skunk-work.com and then scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Executive Summary and you will see the numbers. Along with those numbers there is a press release out stating that a U.S. Government Agency is testing 14 units right now for a period of 2-3 weeks and if the tests are good then there will be an order for approximately 700 units that should sell for around $100,000 each. That is a total of 70 million dollars. With 15 million shares outstanding that translates into a lot of earnings per share.


AUTQ-- Had a fair day today on volume and we saw a slight climb in share cost. Plus the spread closed considerably. .12 x .13 The average daily volume is 223,800 so today's volume was a little low.

WLFI-- Had a pretty god day all around volume was up and the price was up 25%. the volume was at 80,000 and the average is only 12,700. Popularity of this stock is starting to increase and with that the volume and the share cost will also increase.

SKNT-- Due to a report that was issued on Knobias.com that stated that SKNT was canceling a large number of shares several people who invested in the stock got out. The stock that is being cancelled is from the old shell, the stock that was from NSTD (Nostrad Telecommunications). This does not effect any stock sold under SKNT symbol.

For more information feel free to email me.

These are only companies that I like, I am not responsible for your investing. Please do your own research, a smart investor is a richer investor.



AUTQ-- currently .105 by .12 Most recent high of .47 this high will be easily reached again. This is a rapidly growing company. For the first 9 months ending they have reported earnings of .01. Last year at this time they were reporting a negative .06 e.p.s. By fiscal year end Sep 30 they are expecting to see a positive .03-.05 e.p.s.

WLFI-- currently .12 x .16 52 wk high was .43. This high was created from the news of their acquisition of Beverly Hills International. This is the 5th largest weight loss franchise in the industry and it is rapidly growing in clinics and profitability. WLFI is the leader in combating childhood obesity which has reached epidemic proportions. Look for great things from this company in the near future. Currently working on co-branding with several nationwide fitness centers as well as future acquisitions.

SKNT-- currently .25 x .33 Started trading publicly in April of 03 after doing a reverse merger into an old shell ( to cut costs of going public) This company is the leader in cutting-edge technology for water purification. The use of chemicals and filters has been eliminated. This technology surpasses the E.P.A. Clean Air and Water Acts of 2000. Companies such as G.E, Halliburton Inc., and the U.S. Navy are presently clients. The company has a huge upside to it and very little down side. Presently they are looking at revenues in excess of 200 million dollars in the next five years, not counting any new contracts. With 15 million outstanding shares and only 1 million in the float it is easy to see why this is one of my picks. In fact I am calling this my sleeping giant of the year destined to be one of many new "Blue Chip Stocks".


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