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hello traders

I made the best gains ever this month, in stocks like NT, CNXT, OPWV, FDRY.
Sad to say but it think this ride is over. Most bottomed stocks have made
there big gains already. Some stock that hasn't moved are some utilities
like CPN and MIR. Volumed picked up on ADSX, I bought a chunk on that one
this week but i'm on ADSX are comming very soon.



Hello traders

ESST is down in the after hours markets. It could be a good time to buy the
stock in the first 30 minutes of trading today.

CHTR is holding 3.00$ The company is being investigated by a grand jury from
the U.S. District Attorney's office for some accounting practices.(hence the
stock is at 3$)I think nothing is going to come out of this investigation
and the stock will move up once the investigation is complete, the
investigation started 1 month ago.So news is pending soon. Also, Microsoft's
CEO Steve Ballmer created and controls CHTR and he mentioned last month he
might bring the company private and pay a portion of it's 17 billion dollar
debt with his own money. CHTR is a long term buy.

good luck



The stock pick you read in the previous post are outdated but could still be good plays. For example I mention Calpine a couple weeks ago, since then it went all the way up to 6.25$ and today back down to 4$. I would probably rebuy CPN around 3.70$ (maybee)

here a few stocks I want to buy SNIC , DRIV ,ESST,JDSU

esst and jdsu are ready to buy on a good intraday low.




Hello i'm still here for those who watch my picks. CHTR is my pick. buy and hold . my target is 4 $. could go higher. The stock is trading very tight with good volume. CHTR is ready for a price swing hopfully up!





Buy calpine (cpn), it's cheap. I followed this company since it was trading in the 20's and I finally bought last week and again today. buy and hold , you will not be disapointed!





I sold everything last week and cut my loses very well . But last friday I put all my cookies in the Nortel cookie jar.I think NT is trading below its corporate value. And besides it could be a cheap aquisition target for cisco don't you think? That would be nice. Unlike France telecom or other european telcoms, the Canadian government will not rescue Nortel if it goes bankrupt down the road. It will be sold to competition. If anyone follows ESST the price looks good to buy for a price target of 25$ by the end of the year. I sold my ESST last week but i would get back in @ 10-12$. One could also bottom fish OPWV.

You will continue to see volitility in these stocks this week: WMB, DYN, CPN, RRI, and hold calpine

happy trading



The market volitility gets me all exited. I never try to call a bottom
because I realy don't care about that,I only look at individual stocks that
I think will rebound no matter how low the indexes goes. Last week I bought
ESST, NT and SURE. (i sold NT)
ESST price target is + or - 25$.....I will hold SURE till something crazy
happends, e-coli, anthrax ects....I did not buy INVN yet but when I do I
will hold this stock till some terrorist blows up a bomb somewhere. This
week I will buy RFMD under 8$. I also want to buy OPWV if it can crash
further down (my buy target is aprox $1.20). The Dow crashed last week and I
still made money, that's why I'm bullish right now. Oh! and NXTL if it pulls
back a bit buy and hold. I'm also looking at RSTN but I'm running out of
money because I am getting fully invested. Stay tuned!



I bought some NT and ESST today. I was debating wether to buy ESST or ZRAN. ZRAN reports earnings i think thursday and it should boost both stocks up. ESST will report very good earnings on july 24. I think NT will go up but again it could be risky to buy . I believe one can make a quick buck on Quest (Q) when they sell some assets in the near future wich they could get 9 billions, personally i would leave quest alone, way too risky. Semiconductor stock are cheap, ATML,TLAB,RFMD,ACLS should do well . I think the nasdaq will start trading slowly higher.

warning: beware of software stocks like, sebl, orcl, psft......could have bad earnings.

got to go, good luck!


My pick last week on wcom was my worst call in a long time. I got tons of
hate mail about it and someone even sent me a virus in my e-mail. jerks! I
execute on average about 10-20 trades per week and my goal is to make 45% to
65% return each month. I often make it, in June i only made 8% ,but in May i
was up 86% , April up 35% and March 75%. In the past 3 years I made over
300% each year on average . I know a few other traders who always makes much
higher returns than me. I dispise them, in a friendly way :-)

A few stocks to watch for today
INVN (explosive detector maker)),
ERICY (buy at new lows)
KGC (good gold stock)
AVO (new stock start to trade on NYSE)
V (will go up today)



Buy wcom..............short term target 1.15 - 1.20$
buy it under 1$

IMCL is going up the bell wait half an hour before buying....don't
buy at the highs....



Hello traders
long time no see!
anybody reading this post before the bell today?
stong buy at the opening bell for PGO . Dump the stock at noon or in the
afternoon depending on the % gain .
Also one could start to accumulate RFMD or PWAV on weakness.

good luck.



my volitile penny stock of the day is NEOT

my volitile over 1$ stock of the day is MKTY

good luck




Hello folks!

well what can I say? It's a slow and borring market. It looks like the market makers are just waitting, waitting and waitting. Waitting for bad news perhaps ? to sell off the markets? Although I'm very optimistic about "some" stocks.

Just a warning about Oracle (orcl) it might retests the 8.00$ level and if it does I think it's gona break it and might bounce off 7.75 or even 7.50 .

In the mean time why not put some money in good long term growing stocks! like BYBI or EUNI or AGN (agn is the maker of botox you might want to buy this stock before it gets to 80$)

here's a few good stock from india, SAY,RDY,SLT,REDF, SIFY, IBN,INFY,

(watch REDF it should be volitile)

can't you tell I got to much time on my hands, i'm talking about indian stocks, haha, that's a good thing right?

till next time..........



Hello traders good stocks at good prices :

LOR trading at 2.17 , NCNX trading at 3.05 , BNBN trading at 1.36 , CHKP trading at 17.32, BDAL trading at 7.50 (pick the bottom on BDAL..... between 6.50$-7.50$ is a buy)

My best penny pick is LNUX trading at 0.95, other penny stocks to watch: FBCE trading at 0.59 , HGOI trading at 0.27 , JPEN trading at 0.45

********ADAPQ is a stock I bought at 106$ in march of 2000 and I sold at aprox. 140$ it's now trading 0.02 (don't buy, bad stock)**********

I like LNUX for the penny stocks the others are more risky but might be very profitable . any questions? any email me at




I still believe the nasdaq can go up in the next couple of weeks. 1800? First of all let me take this opportunity to downgrade ADSX. When I read posts from traders who says the charts of ADSX looks good and that the stock looks cheap again, well either they are not looking at the same chart as I am or maybe these traders just have too much money and don't care about big risk or I just think they don't know what there talking about. I hope it goes up because I own some shares but I would not risk any more money in ADSX right now. The joy ride is over.

DYN should be ok to buy but they are not out of the woods yet. There's still a risk to buy this stock but I think the reward potential is worth the risk. Personnel I'm getting out of DYN tomorrow because I made a big fat 35 % profit since I bought DYN on last Friday's lows. I would still buy it under 9$ if there no bad news of course!

INVN, VSNX, OSIS, VISG, SURE I wanted to post these stocks yesterday but I didn't feel like typing. Well they ran up nicely yesterday so no need to mention anything about them. I still have a BIG-UP for INVN it's a good stock to hold, at lease hold till their next quarter earnings report. INVN is volatile. they don't have much shares outstanding, it can move fast! SURE is a good stock to have in a portfolio. It looks like 6$ is a fair price to buy SURE. JNPR is good to buy right here. price target above 10.25$

good luck




Want to try TigerStocks's 3-5-8 day rule?

Here's a couple of stocks to try.... DYN trading @ 7.65$.....RRI trading @ 7.55 ......REI trading @ 14.50

I think DYN is probably at the bottom or close. I think RRI or REI could fall further down. If this happens and DYN falls with them, this would be a good opportunity to buy Dynegy. Dynegy is the better company and it should not drop any further. It's just a matter of picking the bottom of these stocks because they will not go bankrupt. Be quick to dump if you can't hit the bottom because I don't see any bottom support on any of these stock except DYN might have support at 7.50$. We'll know very quick if the support holds. I have a position in Dynegy only @ 7.60$. I wanted to buy DYN at 6$ but I chickened out haha. I got scarred it was not going to drop that low

PS. leave ADSX alone, wait and watch it go under 1$.

Jerman chow



Hello traders!

 I think this recent nasdaq rally is a short lived one. I think it can climb a little bit higher but beware there's alot of traders out there ready to short this rally. I still think the nasdaq will settle around 1850 - 1900 in the next week or so. It's a pickers marker. Everything tech stock is not moving simultanimously with the nasdaq.

stocks to watch: WCOM (yesterday was a good time to buy, stay tune today)VSNX (moved up after ceo apeared on CNBC yesterday)


Crude oil is going up, look for some oil stocks to move up. hhlf is one I like.

  * some of the postings in here are very good. keep up the good work!




Yes it's the weekend,thank god because I've never seen such a screwed up market.

This is a personnel email.

I said in my post on Thursday that ADSX should be left alone. Then I got a dozens of emails from traders who where upset saying I was crazy and told me that ADSX was going north. Well I red all these emails and did some DD on ADSX and I got a little soft on these "traders" desperate to make money, I told them ADSX would probably keep it's recent gains. well look what happened on Friday! The stock is down 30%! Sell the damn stock. It's over bought!

Are you going to put a chip under your skin so you can be identified? If your answer is NO, sell the damn stock.........I don't know about you but I don't want a chip under my skin! Come on traders get smart!

Jerman Lablanc



hello traders

Look out for Aether Systems (AETH) trading at 4.29$. Rumors are IBM might buy the company. I don't think IBM should buy AETH and I think the stock will go down . I bought AETH @ 4.00$ yesterday and I'm gona hold it and see what happens. I will cut my loss at around 2.75$ if the price drops.

I bought more SURE yesterday. I think sooner or later this stock could hit 9 or 10$. It's cheap! take risks = make money ! (smart risk that is)




This his is free info from me so i'll be very breif .

I did some DD on ADSX and I know that it will not be a penny stock anymore. I think it will hold it's current gains. Fiber Obtics is the fastest communication we will ever see on this earth. Do you know anything faster than light? No! well that's call fiber obtics. I'm afraid we are stuck at updating our already buitl networks.

That's all I have to say today. The nasdaq looks just about right. It could go higher, around 1900. It's hard to make money on wallstreet today. Buying a house is a better place to put you money!

Jerman L.



Just a warning about ADSX and DOC . Beware not to hold these stocks to long or buy to late. I think there's quick profits to be made here, sell the spikes. I smell a good nasdaq day coming! I do not believe the nasdaq is oversold and I also think it will hold 1560.

Basically it's boring!

PS: C.Wolf... I would like to hear from you again, I did not get your last email. I accidentally deleted it :-(

Jerman L.



Hello it's time to buy some stocks traders!

Here are a few of my picks

TXCC price 1.33 $

ETS   "    1.06 $

RBAK  "    1.90 $

DIGL  "    3.84 $

RSTN  "    4.20 $

PRGN  "    2.57 $

OPWV  "    5.24 $

WWCA  "    5.80 $

CIEN  "    6.90 $

JNPR  "    9.05 $

Be ready for some oversold stocks to bounce. The key is know when to sell them.

good luck!



Hello people

 Does anyone know why MONI went up 41% yesterday? If anyone bought MONI last week at 0.20$ when I recommended it, I just want to say I don't have a sell price, I think it will probably drop since I can't find any news to explain the run up yesterday. But for the long term MONI is one I want to own. So if anyone knows why MONI went up 41% yesterday I would appreciate it if someone could email me the news at: ...............thank you

A BLAST FROM THE PAST I am looking at a printout of one of my portfolios of 1999, it looks so strange that I decided to post it online to show you what kind of stocks I owned on December 03 1999. (if I only knew what I was buying then!) DATE SECURITY SYMBOL price bought 99/12/03 etoys inc. etysq 58.00 99/12/03 imaging tech corp. itec 0.78 99/12/03 ivillage inc ivil 29.12 99/12/03 rhythms netconnections rthmq 33.81 99/12/03 fonix corp. fonx 0.51 99/12/03 snyder comms inc ? 13.62 99/12/03 value america vusaq 14.18 99/12/03 ? 3.03 99/12/03 America online aol 78.12 99/12/03 abtl 15.00 99/12/03 cheap tickets inc ? 18.00 99/12/03 childrens retail store plce 23.06 99/12/03 koope 15.43 99/12/03 skymall ? 11.31 99/12/03 terra networks ? 31.06 99/12/03 ? 32.06 99/12/03 C-net inc cnet 49.37 99/12/03 ? 11.93 99/12/03 inc tglo 10.62 99/12/03 aware inc awre 29.00 99/12/03 healtheon corp ? 33.75 99/12/03 Hi/FN inc hifn 36.37 99/12/03 microsoft msft 86.00 99/12/03 inc ? 9.018 99/12/03 corp bynqe 9.28 99/12/03 mattel inc mat 13.56 99/12/03 ? 15.06 99/12/03 picturetel corp ? 3.90 99/12/03 bnbn 17.81 99/12/03 inc dscm 32.43 99/12/03 internet america geek 10.12 99/12/03 net2phone inc ntop 49.00 99/12/03 ? 14.62 99/12/03 medscape inc mdliq 8.56 99/12/03 yahoo yhoo 253.00 99/12/03 netbank ntbk 4.66 99/12/03 pcln 61.87 * I do not own any of these companies anymore except YHOO and AOL witch I never sold any shares (I wish I had sold ) I think most of these companies listed above are bankrupt today but some are still trading. jerman lablanc



Just a quick yell for those who read my post.

I'm buying oversold stocks,I bought VRSN yesterday @ 8.04 I'm only looking
to make a very quick buck.
I think RCOM is the better one to buy for the long term at this time.

I bought some more INVN yesterday @ 20.50, I will keep buying this stock
down. I'm willing to risk more money in this stock because I know some
investors has huge positions in the stock and they will probably not sell
the stock easily.

Ballard Power Systems BLDP should get punished today. Seems to me they
always miss there earnings lately. I would not touch this stock until it
comes down 10 bucks.

I have no penny picks but except for ADSX witch still have good volume and
big intraday price gaps.

good luck
Jerman L.


Hello traders

I was really nervous today about the NYSE and the NASDAQ .
I don't have any penny picks today but I'm kind of sitting here and waiting
for something to happen.
I bought some INVN shares today at 23.50, I think it's a good buy if it
drops lower tomorrow. (with no bad news)

Beware! I felt all morning yesterday that the nasdaq was going to sell off
but it didn't. I think the markets might hold these current levels but my
huntsh tells me it's going to sell of one of these days. There's no buyers
out there folks. If there's a sell off today (Friday), this could be a good
time to buy some tech stocks.

I got a call for SureBeam (SURE)trading at 6$. I have been following this
stock since September 11 and I think it's a strong buy early this morning
(Friday). I think it's just a matter of time till this stock pops. Mad cow
or Anthrax will pop this stock up nicely. (kind of sad but true):-)

be careful!
you lose your money
someone wins it from you!
(it could be me haha)



It's 3:30 AM (Wednesday) as I'm writting this here, i'm doing research on
certain wireless stocks. First of all let me say I'm a day trader and I'm a
very short term stock holder. I usually hold a stock for a few hours to 1 to
5 days depending on what I buy. (It's hard to reccomend a stock that I only
hold for a few hours.) Anyways in the last couple of days I noticed the big
sell off of WorldCom (WCOM),Ericsson (ERICY), Nokia (NOK), Motorola (MOT).
What I found weird is that stocks like LWIN, WWCA, AWE wich are all wireless stocks went up in the past day or 2. This does not make sense to me. I think
this clearly tells me that some of those wireless/mobile/Broadband Internet
communication companies are getting out of Sync. Wireless is not going away,
in fact I think the wireless industry got screwed. It got slammed in 2000
with the DotComs crash and it got slammed again with the over production of
telecom equipment and fiber optic deployments that litters our oceans today.

There's a problem with Broadband stocks wich I can't figure out yet, there's
a problem with wireless stocks today but I know will rebound very nicely in
the future. Look out for openwave (OPWV) trading @ aprox. 5$ today. I'm
waiting for Openwave to drop so I can buy some shares and I will keep for
long term (5 years or so). I say WCOM, ERICY are good buys (don't get fooled
buy WCOM it might get cheap)......

I have to mention ADSX....good volume, nice price range past few days,this
stock has to make a break soon, and I bet it going up! How hight? 4$.

I'll post again tommorow.
good day!


Hello traders

My drug stocks picks last week did not do well.(yet)

Boys those penny stocks are sure flying this week. Feels like early 2000
when every penny stock where flying high. I bet it won't last though. My
advice is take your profits. That's old school advice.
If you got a few extra cash to play with check out: RAZF 0.48
DOC 5.50
ADSX 1.80
ERTH 0.36
My personal feeling is if you did not make money on these stocks yet you
missed the boat.
Does any body know anything about MONI trading @ 0.20$ ???
I do not follow the company to much but when I looked at the market cap
versus the stock price it got my attention. I want to buy this stock but I
am still doing DD on it. I'm just gona sit and watch the last to days of
trading this week.

you can email me if you want but I will not reply, I will just keep posting
my picks and comments here.

be happy



My favorite chinese stocks are:

TSM (Taiwan Semiconductor) trading at 18.10$
UMC (United Microelectronics) trading at 10.00$

* TSM based in TAIWAN is the world's largest and best contract chipmaker and UMC based in SINGAPORE is the second largest chipmaker.

SOHU trading at 0.92$ and CHINA trading at 2,66$ ,these are 2 internet companies based in china.

CHL trading at 14.50$ and CHU trading at 9.10$ are China's number 1 and 2 mainland wireless companies.

My chinese long shots are :

NEWC trading @ 0.50$
CGDP trading @ 2.55$
CBBD trading @ 0.22$
ASIA trading @ 11.90

I got to run now
buy buy :-)

April 10 2002

I got so much to say but I will try to keep this as short as possible.
I'm going to avoid the penny stocks today. I want to alert you on a few drug
stocks that institutional buyers and fund managers I think will step in soon
and buy.
1. Elan Corporation ELN trading at 11.50 ,
2. Sepracor Inc SEPR trading at 14.45 ,
3. Human Genome Sciences HGSI trading at 16.50 ,
4. Protein Design Labs trading at 15.50 ,

A positive move of the drug sector could move these 4 stocks up. Bearish
traders are still out there hammering these stocks down but I expect at some
point they will rebound nicely.
When is the right time to buy them ? I think very soon. Watch the volume
carefully and look for ugrades.

Tommorow I will post some of my favorite stocks from china and stocks that
should benefit from the 2008 summer olympics games in Beijing.


April 04, 2002
hello traders

Seems to me that the stock market is gona have a tough time ahead as long the violence in the Middle East continues. LUMM trading @0,32$ is a very active stock these days, it will probably go down a bit more. ZOOX trading @0.48$ is a buy. (I don't own any of these stocks) Here's an interesting oil stock GETC trading at 0.17. (this one could be dead money)

I've been holding a oil stock (HHLF) since the beginning of march on rumors of a take over. It did not happen yet. A takeover could boost the price around 20$ a share, it's currently trading at 12$-13$ a share. Sad to say but the uncertainty in the middle east will keep the price of oil up. For those who have "big balls" you can try to pick a bottom on ADLAC. The stock has been dropping 4 or 5 days in a row. I would not be suprise to see the stock drop to 7$-8$ there's allot of unclear news on the stock. It's a good time to buy some tech stocks again. Some have been cut in half this week. Next week should be very interesting for (ARBA, ITWO, VPHM, WWCA, SEPR, INVN, SURE) which most are at or near there 52 week lows. sorry for any spelling mistakes :-( Play safe and don't take margins, you'll lose your house!)




seems to me that the stock market is gona have a tough time ahead as long
the violence in the Middle East continues.Oil stocks are probably the ones
to buy. GETC trading at 0.17$ is one to look at. Keep in mind that my picks
are mostly for the short term gains only. LUMM is a very active one, it will
problably go down a bit more.
I've been holding a oil stock (HHLF) since the beggining of march on rumors
of a take over. just tough I'd share this with you. If you feel lucky you
can try to pick a bottom on ADLAC. it's been dropping 3 days in a row!
sorry for any spelling mistakes :-(

play safe! don't take margins you'll lose your house!



Hello peeps !

A good week for the nasdaq and the Dow last week. Let's just hope it can
maintain the gains. I expect the Nasdaq to go a little bit higher here
because on friday the nasdaq finaly closed above the 50 and the 200 moving
50 moving average was 1898 points
200 moving average was 1907 points

anyways, here's a stock I owned a couple years ago. FONX price 0.04
TIWI did well last week:-)



note: In my last post I mentioned a new IPO coming soon from China but I
cannot find the symbol or company name of that company :-( sorry for

I have 3 new penny stocks that got my attention lately. The most volatile
is Telesystem International Wireless Inc. (TIWI). currently trading @ 0.67$.
A 3 year chart of TIWI is probably the worst chart I have ever seen. The all
time high is 240$ and the 52 week low is 0.25$. TIWI is trying to
restructure there finance and I think they can pull it off. I did not buy
any shares yet but I am watching very closely.

my other picks are General Magic Inc (GMGC) trading @0.38$

and CoreComm Limited (COMM) trading @ 0.14$ .

thank you and play safe!


Hello people

Last year and even two years ago, I use to publish my stock picks on this
website. So much has happened since then and I was just too busy trying to
save my portfolio so I stopped posting here hehe. Well things are looking
better now and I'm just happy that I'm still in the game. Some of my friends
were not so fortunate :-(

here's a few picks I posted in the past that are still good today:

#1. BIFT @0.06
(the company has shaped up nicely this year, I'm suprise the stock is not
worth more, but I think it just needs to show that the company can make
money. They have a service provider business now and investors want to see
the profits before investing in these types of companies. I would imagine
BIFT 's Internet hosting company was cheap to startup because of all the
cheap equipment available from all the bankrupt Dot Com's in 2000. Things
are moving at BIFT, stay tuned!
visit there new websites @

#2 @0.02
this is just a stock that keeps holding it's price and shoots up once in
awhile. They make and sell good products for the medical sector.

#3 The new MVEE symbol is MEMI, trading @ 0.02 they had a 900/1 reverse
stock split.

*** there's a new startup from (China/HongKong) coming soon. I lost the
ticker symbol but I'll find it and post it later. The company is a fiber
optic lubrication business. something like that! I'll have more in my
next post.
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