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Welcome to

Winkee's Hot Stock Picks
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FHKDF is on the way up! Folks this could be big!

TSIG looks like they have some new life and with some recent developments,

they could be making another up-hill climb.

If you would like to get any of my updated that happen in the mid-day, send me

a quick email at and get added to my email alert letter!

Happy Trading!





When ever I buy a stock I don't normally buy and sell in the same day but....

I quickly sold ADGI right after buying it. I didn't like the action I was seeing

later in the day after buying it.

Take a look at CBLI This company has had (2) profitable quarters in a row

and has made a nice rebound. Nauturally the profit taking took place after the

news was released in Feb and the stock has pulled back. CBLI looks like its

back on an uptrend and I think the stock will climb from the $5 price to $7

in the next 60 days. If the company can keep doing as they have....and I think

they will......this one will easily make the mark. Solid Support at $5 level.

Remember this pic FHKDF Volume is on the up here and the stock has held

solid with very little down action. FHKDF is moving up and I think this stock

will be one of the biggest rising stars in ASIA. Don't expect to get rich on this

one in 30-60 days. Hint: Hold this one for 1-2 years and this could be as big as

Yahoo someday. Do your due diligence on this one folks!

Come back to www.allstocks .com for more pics as I find them. If you would like

to get on my intra day email alert letter (intra day alert letter) just send me and I will

get you details on being added to my list. My email address is

I'm discovered what I think will be another blockbuster pic.....just started my research on it

so ....stay in touch. You won't want to miss the details on it!

Until Then......Happy Trading!

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