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VenCap_X's Picks


10/13 AMES $13.68 short

9/18 ESRX  $82.00 short

9/13 CYMI $10.07 short

9/4  GMGC short and TMAR long

8/24  PRLS $7.25 - Long - Heavy retail buy volume preceeding sell off, due to strong buy
upgrade by Piper Jaffray. This likely has a lot to do with the severity of the
sell off. The worst is over. I expect the company to announce buybacks. Deals
with IBM should prove valuable from a PR standpoint in the very near future.

8/21 ASYT $13 3/4  - Short- on general small cap weakness, and they reported in 10q that sales will be significantly lower for the next few quarters.

8/21 VRSN $31.25 Long is likely to play a role in the creation of an online tax payment system for the IRS.

8/21 DAOU $11.44 Long pure and simple - Dead Cat Bounce.  Links  Search   Disclaimer

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