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Welcome to

UP and UP's Picks


I advise last week to take a look at MVEE,

things are hotting up with this company and I suggest those of you not


on board load up quickly, this stock should shoot up from 0.12 cents


a couple of days. Read recent news and decide for yourself. Load Up....



MADGF, alot of activity over the past two days, breakout point should be


ADVM, load up with this and hold, maybe hard to get hold of but will be

worth it, avoid market orders

but limit orders no higher than .25

MVEE ,ADGI both my tips to do well,,,both very interesting



New week and time for a look back at the Friday movements.

MADGF (was $14.00) shot up to $17.87 then traded back to $14.87.. This should really move this week and with possible news should keep momentum upwards. Should open around $15.50 pre-hours pending.

ADGI (was 0.84) shot up to $1.00 then traded back down to 0.64 cents, watch

this baby move towards record heights in comimg weeks, news will help.

ADVM ...(this is my top tip for the next 4 weeks)

ADVM has a nice little possibilty of becoming huge, If all the whispers are true and this stock stop trading off the PINKand trade proper then we can make some serious money. Trading at around 0.11 and 0.28 , this is still an unknown company to day traders so buy now and hold. Let destiny take control.

MVEE, alot being said about this, Trading off 0.071,again buy and wait for a possible double up.

Please note that although I do check out all the tips, it is strongly recomended that all readers do their own research.


UP and UPS



My tip to follow for the next few weeks are MADGF, ADGI, ATCD, TTRIFF.

I got MADGF back in December at $3.00. (now $14.00) I expect this to touch $100..within 18 months+

ADGI was trading at 0.003 12 months ago(now 0.85) I expaect to see this clear $1 and head skywards

ATCD, great potential and valued between 0.11 and 0.28 this week, look for sharp movements in the next 4 weeks

TTRIF, my oppinion is that this should be valued around $1.50..Yet only 0.30 cents, what a bargain,DD required

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