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CCES - current price: .31

This company has outstanding potential. Crescent Broadband will be an easy Triple Play plus by the 4rd quarter with a potential target of $1.


COVD - current price: 2.08

Within weeks to months, the whole planet will be buying Covad. The headlines will be from, to Dot.gone, to again. This stock is coming out of bankruptcy and into the limelight again. Right now the stock is down from $65 plus in the last two years, and was as high as $5 plus in the last year. It's trading millions of shares per day. Covad is a leading provider in the United States of broadband communications services. They sell these services to both businesses and consumers through Internet Service Providers (people like Earthlink do big business with Covad, and love the company). Covad also sells to other companies and telecommunications carriers as well. SBC Communications, which is the former Bell System company, has inked a $150 million deal with Covad. SBC will give Covad $75 million in cash that can be used by SBC against the purchase of Covad services for 10 years. SBC is also giving Covad a $50 million, four-year loan. This cash will take them through 2003, when the company turns cash flow positive. In the 3rd quarter of 2000, Covad was burning a 100 million per quarter. They have that burn rate down to $25 million in the 3rd quarter of 2001. This is a Triple Play plus sometime in 2002 - with a real potential target of $15 - $20.  Links  Search   Disclaimer  About Us Advertising

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