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Update on csca.

This stock is real hot. Buy it know and make a run up like ynot did a few weeks back. That's the possibility that we have too. I'm sure that the CEO make the best deal off it. I'm long on csca i bought about 320.000 share @ an average at 0.2375$

I only will sell them if they trade higher than 4$

New pick


this one is defenetly going to make it. Why? they have a real product, unique in his kind, every one has played or heared about online gaming. Know these guys are bringing it to you in the social bars etc. So you can enjoy spending youre evening with youre friends and also can play against them. This is going to rock for sure

Know what could we expect in the next few weeks.

pr about sec fillings 2 month early than nessecary

pr about promotial video off the product

pr about the selling of their first kiosks

This is for certain. that they will bring this pr's out.

You still can join know because end off year price prediction off 1 - 1.5 $

His previous high is 1.21$ and his low 0.06$ and know a few weeks prefroming verry strong, mm's can not pul this down zo it go up every day.

float 4.1 ml shares of witch are 1.5 ml restricted. --> Low float and everything is bought up almost. So if you hurry you can buy some at low price.

Defenitly now pump and dump.


10/19 pick:

CSCA (OTCBB:  $0.065 X $0.08 ) expected middle of December to fly.

some articles :

Kurt, this is from their latest SEC filing. You can tell by reading it that these guys are focused, profit oriented, and are people you can trust to stick with a good business plan and make it happen:

Results of Operations: Cassco Capital Corp. (Company) was incorporated as Anthony Kane Incorporated under the laws of the State of Delaware on February 5, 1969, and became subject to the reporting provisions of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 on June 11, 1969, when a
registration statement filed by the Company was declared effective by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

The name of the Company was changed to Maid Rite Ventures, Inc., on April 8, 1985, and to Grandee Corporation on September 23, 1985, on which date the Company also increased its authorized shares of common stock from 25,000,000 to 75,000,000, concurrently effecting a
decrease in par value per share from $.01 to $.00333.

In July, 1992, the Company entered into an agreement with K C Jakes BBQ & Grill, Inc., for the purpose of acquiring KC Jakes as a subsidiary. This agreement was set aside by a court of competent jurisdiction in 1994, as previously reported by the Company in a filing under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 on Form

On January 10, 1995, the Company entered into an agreement with Epsitek, Inc., a Delaware corporation to acquire two subsidiaries of Epsitek as wholly owned subsidiaries of the Company. In conjunction with the acquisition, the Company issued 6,000,000 shares of common stock to Epsitek, which also appointed new directors and took control of the Company. Subsequently, Epsitek was unable to complete the conditions imposed for and at closing. The acquisition, therefore,
did not occur and the shares issued in connection with the acquisition were returned to treasury and the board members of the Company appointed by Epsitek resigned.

The Company is now engaged in the process of locating a merger and/or acquisition candidate. The Company has had recurring losses from operations since inception and had a net capital deficiency at year end, each of which raise substantial doubts about the ability of the Company to continue as a going concern. Accordingly, the auditors' report and opinion included in this report contain an explanatory paragraph about these uncertainties.

The Company, as a result of the cessation of its business and the failure of its proposed acquisitions, had no operations during the year; thus, no meaningful comparison can be made to prior years.

Liquidity and Capital Resources: The Company, from inception has relied on capital infusions from executive officers and directors and on credit from vendors.

Looks like they've really 'got it goin' on' doesn't it?

Take care,


CSCA - the Golden Pick - will remain the Golden Pick ! I had a very pleasant conversation with Mr Richard Gregory last night and am very assured that he is doing his best to increase the value of the company shares - give the shareholders the best possible value in their holdings. The two deals that where on the table for last Monday fell through due to the fact that the companies changed the terms of the agreements (they got greedy) - Mr Gregory had no interest in shady business dealings since he's a straight shooter! There are many companies looking for a great shell like CSCA - CSCA is in the drivers seat! Mark Pierce, the lawyer hired to handle the Due Diligence is now looking at other European internet companies wishing to go public in the USA - I know Mr Gregory will come through with an exceptional company that is REAL and verifiable in the market!(The last company CSCA merged with went to $2.75/share and would have gone higher if it was a solid company - that's why he's been very careful with the next one!) No time line given, but I know it will be sooner rather than later! He also mentioned that the latest tax report had been signed off and mailed to the SEC. He IS taking care of business! I will continue to accumulate CSCA !


total shares : 16 million shares out
float :10 million in float
price : .07/.09
Fully Reorting Shell



Spoke with Richard Gregory, CSCA, regarding the
current status of negotiations. First; negotiations
have ended with the two companies Mark Pierce, the
Lawyer for CSCA, had met with in Florida, and there
is NO DEAL. Mark is now considering other offers &
interested parties. Richard described it as having
moved from square one(initially), to square nine
(out of ten), and back to square five, currently.
One company showing very much interest is a Chinese
Software Company (Linux Products), as well a several
NEW ones. Those looking for SHORT TERM PROFITS, may
be disappointed, but those patient, should do well,
IMO, Rob

CSCA From: SSP (On SI)
Friday, Oct 15 1999 2:49PM  Links  Search   Disclaimer Advertising

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