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Welcome to

TommyBoy's Penny Pics

You May send your comments or questions to TommyBoy via e-mail by clicking here!


Well lets have a quick recap of my last few pics.

IBUI- made 325%

VALH- made 100%

ADGI- made 250%

Not too bad huh? Well heres my next one: CAMB

I have already bought 5,000 shares at $1.90

Could be double digit stock in next few weeks to months.

Hot news coming out on 3/6/2000 should spark up a run on monday but it will

probably gap out. Lowest price on monday may be around 11 to noon.

E-mail me if you would like a PR and list of links for CAMB. If you have

e-mailed me in the past you have already gotten this in your mailbox.

Also check out FONX. I bought @ $1.10, currently at 2.25 and could go much


Lets make some money,



Hello Traders,

Four words: LAKO, BUY, BUY, BUY!!!! Back down to $1.70 today. This stock will have huge longterm returns. Buy it on the dips and hang on for the ride.

Based on a tip from a friend( Thanks Ty !) I am adding ADGI to my portfolio. closed @ .29 today, Ty was smart and got in @ .04

research it , but you need to get in by first part of march if you decide to buy.( Your commission check is in the mail TY)

Like high volume stocks?? check out MVEE if you havent already. closed @ .037 today on around 233 mil shares.

Also been watching IBUI lately. check it out and tell me what you think..

Last but not least, if any of you get a paid promo for WSST in your mailbox, i have one word for you. SCAM!!! nothing but a pure pump and dump job. dont be suckered.

See you next time,




Hello again, well i hope you took my advice on LAKO. it closed today @ 2 5/8...

im still pretty hot on VALH. they have aquired another company adding 30 million to their annual revenue. I cant see them staying at .335 for much longer. Holding companies such as VALH can be very good investments. Just make sure they are very diversified in their holdings( a good mix of companies they own, not several companies in the same field).

TSIG.... check it out on Yahoo's stock page. They have good research on this company at the bottom of TSIG's quote page. I just bought 10,000 shares of this, but as always, decide for yourself.

IMDS.... buy it now!!!! buy it at 5.00, 6.00, whatever you have to pay. It WILL go to 20.00 in the next 2 years, maybe sooner.

e-mail me if you would like a complete list of all OTCBB stocks...

Happy Trading,




Greetings penny stockers . IMDS is on the way back down. better get in if it gets into the 2.00 range. when they get FDA approval this will skyrocket. check them out at I got in at .21 and sold at 6.11

also check out LAKO , poised to be a leader in the future of DSL , DSN with an amazing patent . i got in at .10 and .26 closed friday at .705 has been up to .80 and can go much higher.

one more... check out VALH. could make a dramatic move soon........

see ya next time.  Links  Search   Disclaimer Advertising

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