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Welcome to

Tolabab's Picks
(Took Off Like A Big Ass Bird)

Email me here!

Play these stocks at your own risk. Make sure you do your own analysis to confirm a trade. On most stock picks, I will only give an entry point. These entries will be high probablity trades, but the amount may only be a couple percent, it may be 30%. You decide how much you are willing to lose (mental stop loss) or how much you want to gain. Some of these trades may hit entries, pullback afterwards before making a good move. An example of this would be on 8-1-01 PMCS hit my entry at 33, then pulled back to low 32's, next it shot to 37 in after hours. So don't panic on a pullback, but you have to use a mental stop loss in case I'm wrong. I encourage you to use some system of mental stops to slowly protect a gain as it grows. From time to time I will give targets, but these will only be mental targets and may be sold before reached.  Thanks, good luck, and feel free to email me!


Ok allstocks is not working out very well. I am going to move away from allstocks as it leaves out key phrases from my email. Not sure why this happens, but it happens almost everyday. Left out my CMPC analysis this time. So if you want to continue to see my thoughts and picks on market, you'll have to be on the email list. Send me an email and I'll throw you on the list.  Thanks for the room on your page, I appreciate it. Me and an associate are in the process of putting together a newsletter, so look forward to that in the future.

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