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Welcome to:'s TokyoJoes ( TokyoMex ) Picks and Comentary. TokyoJoe also has a site for active traders at where you can see his trading history and signup for his news letter.

Watch TokyoJoe and others as they post information on his thread at SI Click Here.

TokyoJoes ( TokyoMex ) Picks And Comentary


As we played another day of frenzy ,,

Gold was our major winner.. ABX NEM and HM ,,  remember ,, gold always sells
off at close ,, and rises strong after open ,  chart is bullish ,,  war and
uncertaintain times gold goes up.. keep on trading,, I see NEM target as 30 ,,
ABX 27 , PDG as 19 ,, I implored you to look at gold 4 days ago , they all
have gained 20% ,,

Bio Meds ..  ENMD and GERN both have positive news releases tonght ,,
the CBS 48 hours mentioned ATC a small Mass company which is private ,, their
shares do not trade ,, but the hype is on bio -med with stem cell ,, where
they are pursuiting a research where a single cell will grow into organs
hosted by a third party non juman cell.. avoiding the morality issue seems to
be the key here,, as our Judao - Christian dogma attaches a stigma on the
issue ,, where Buddah a long has said ,, that we were created by a
coincidental fate of atoms ,, water ,, fire ,,earth and wind , a molecular ,,
idntity in the scheme of universe,, where there is no difference between
animate and inanimate ,, human and animal ,, as all are composed of atoms and
matter,, where sprituality transdences ,, through and among these entities ,,
and to achive harmony and nirvana ,, to rid of human fraility of desires,,
greed ,, etc ,, therefor , any one can become a Buddah ,, as some times you
will notice even a dog ,, certain dogs act like a Budah ,, since we are not
quite Buddahs ,, we are here ,, trying to ride that tsunami ,, like AVCO ..
ENMD or GERN ,, it's just matter of right timing and karma ,,  again in the
end it's all an illusion ,, 

Expecting a small gap tomorow on GERN and CTII , GERN and ENMD please go to pr news for the late night release ,, tha the issued to pump it
up ,,,, as soon as CEO speaks ,, or as market opens , take it out ,, while the
hype is fresh .. we had our fill of the stuff..

Michael DELL blew it , IMHO , street will take it down further tomorrow ,
gapped down 4 after hours,,

Small internets,, don't get carried away ,, as they will get shorted .
One of the best way to play such stocks are ,, buy the warants cheap ,, ride
up the commons and short it at the top ,,  as they fall there is a disparity
between the value of warrants and the commons where MMs lag to catch up ,,
you come out smelling like roses,,  IFLY is a good example ,, buy the warrants
on their BS web news ,, take the commons up with you then short it ,, TAVA is
another great play in this ,,  at least 25% disparity betwee commons and
warrants ..

Pennies ,, I am getting pumped left and right by these IR guys and ceos ,,
getting real fed up ,, even  INFE ceo  EMed twice,, a scam stock that Gabard
got us into ,, and we got creamed on until Rackeeters locked up the shares and
took it to 5 bucks as they sold ,, CEO is calling me now like a drawning man
grabbing straws ,, he should call Racketeers,,

I called Skipard on SI an ex-money bag with BS news ,, on NSPK ,,  as his CCSI
fiasco will testify,, his spy who is among us ,, sent him the EM ,, LOL .
I have nothing against Skip personally ,, but his news source is last time
,,that I will give benefit of doubt,, it might happen who knows ,, but who
cares ,,

Again keep your eye on ATHM ,,  I would not pay 48 for it , but when it does
slide down to 39 - 42 , grab some ,, set top boxes with cable modem will be as
big as AOL , in a year or two ,,

We saw madnes on a small stock called AVCO on a feeding frenzy,, it went from
2 dollars to 30 today,,if you bought in always sell at close ,, and you will
have no angst ,, at the open ..

We always said that every stock had a Unabomber lurking to take it down ,, you
saw what happened to ENMD today ,,  as WSJ probed the effacy of the mice

I have stated ,, over and over ,, take the profit relentlessly ,, even if it's
for 2 - 3 points ,, look at REV ,,  I hope many took my advice and cashed out
today ,,  and on rebounding stocks ,, I don't think we will see such a strong
rebound we have seen in Oct and early November,, SFSK closed down 1/2 ,, but
BOP is still very strong ,, hold with stop loss at further 1/2 point .. 

Following is the comment from Worden ..

 The market is being spooked by uncertainties concerning Iraq and whether the
Fed will cut interest rates again. Nevertheless, underneath it all, strong
stocks are able to respond to good news, which is perhaps the most important
of the vital signs. Today, for example, 696 stocks in our database were able
to post gains of at least five percent. Leaders in the Dow, not surprisingly,
were Exxon (XON) and Chevron (CHV). Trouble in the Middle East always boosts
oil stocks. The gold stocks look good too, but you may be betting on a war.
Twenty-five of the 50 tech stocks we monitor advanced today, considerably
better than the ratio for the Dow, the S&P 500 or stocks as a whole.  Links  Search   Disclaimer

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