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Welcome to

THUNDER'S Stock Picks


1) FUTO - FutureOne Incorporated

I have been with FutureOne Inc. well over a year now and have seen them progress through many strategic plans. The Company's stock is listed on the OTC Bulletin Board under the symbol FUTO. They are currently going through the steps in becoming a NASDAQ stock, as they have just finished becoming a full reporting company. They have a float of 5,900,000.

FutureOne is a multi-service communications provider. The company is part of a new generation of communications companies that have the ability to provide a wide range of new and exciting high technology products and services to their customers. They intend to revolutionize the way the world communicates by developing and implementing existing emerging internet and other ways of communication into a cost effective product.

FUTO has 7 subsidiaries within them, my favorite is Opec Corp. they are their broadband cable construction and engineering division for companies such as Qwest, US West, Level 3 Tele., and plus many more well know Large Tech stocks. Opec also designs, and installs fiber optic, CATV, and copper cabling. You can visit them at and if you do check out to the site there. (VERY IMPRESSIVE)

About six months ago they had only 135 employees and now they have approximately 170 that factor shows to me they are growing. The price is fluctuating between $2.00 - $3.00 range as of 3/27/00 at this price this is a heck of a bargain. I give FUTO a Price Target of $6.00 by the third quarter and $10.00 by the end of the year.

2) Some others that I've been looking at, and you should take a look too, are IHWY, VDC, and NWST. I will be posting more about them in the future.

3) The easiest Large Cap stock to be investing in right now is WCOM. WorldComMCI. You can do your own DD on this one. Buy this one now for long-term and you will not be sorry!!

Thanks for visiting

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