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Welcome to

The Grouch's Penny Piks

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Friday, August 31,2001
The end of the month and week are upon us.  If things remain like yesterday, I am going to go back up my stairs to my bedroom, close the door, lock it, climb into bed, and pull the covers over my head.  Goodby cruel world.Let me sleep through it.  The economy sucks, the market sucks, my wallet sucks, aw shucks !!! It ain't doing no good trying to relive yesterday for today is a new day.
The Legislative, Judicial, and Executive Branches of our fine Government, Led by our Publican Pres will, as one, make significant decisions that will alleviate the Pork Barrel mentality of our Dearly Beloved Democratic and Republican Parties.  Economic issues will be forthcoming that will benefit all Americans, regardless of wallet size or lineage, and we will all go forward as one, having eliminated poverty, crime, hunger, and greed.  Then I woke up.    It ain't goin to happen.  Hang on folks, the next six months are going to be in a roller coaster with the tooth fairy as guide. 
  Well, enough for the state of the economy.  I bought another big chunk of TTRIF at .0048 and watched (Wonder of Wonders) as ARET moved out of the basement into the stairwell.  I have a chunk that I neglected to get rid of because the commission on the trade was higher than the trade.  Now, I can get rid of it and even have enough money left to take my spouse out to Red Lobster and indulge in a Crab Dinner.  At .0090 it will soon be a penny stock again.  Shiould I invest or should I sit on the sidelines.  Darned if I do and Darned if I don't.  Another olde dog  AVBC at .07 has announced that 7-11 will be carrying its water.  Water has not made me any money lately.  However, this company is hanging in there and someone must be smiling at them.  So many possible investments and so little money left.  I know all the above have a chance, but my slot machine money is tied up in other jackpots.
  I am going to sit down, drink a cup or two of fine black tea, purloined from the little Indian shop at the Farmers Market,heat myself up a Bagel from the Jewish Bakery down the road, put a little Menonite Blackberry Jam on it, and see if I can find a path through this jungle called OTCBB.   grouch

Thursday, August 30th, 2001

The week is in the declension stage for we have but two trading days left in both the week and month. TTRIF made a startling announcement that will foster nothing but good news to its devotees, Including yours truly, ye ole Grouch. A meeting in Malaysia with the directors and the new CFO has laid the groundwork for the company repurchasing undervalued shares to bolster shareholder value. No reverse split, no further dilution and new blood. After reading the press release I repurchased my normal block of 100,000 shares to hold. The stock rose .0030 from .0042 to .0072 at close. I have purchased shares of this stock over ten times in the last two years and have yet to see a loss. It was spiking with the faithfulness of Old Faithful Geyser. I am betting that it will return to its former pattern now that the dilution has been stopped.

Another stock that has had its share of dilution is MVEE. The Board released results for the last quarter and announced the opening of several projects. At 4 billion shares outstanding they need to give TTRIF a call and consider instituting a purchase program themselves. I will hold my wallet on purchasing any MVEE at .0003. I do not remember the last time I fell out of a turnip truck but it has been a while.

I Called HAO.V today and confirmed that the Coalinga Nose Project is on target and nothing remarkable should be released for about three weeks. I am holding HAO.V, MSEV and FRCD. All play a part in this possible discovery well. Energy will undoubtedly become a bigger player over the next 24 months and the big boys will always find a way to make a profit. All it will take is another war in the Middle East and everyone will jump on the price gouging bandwagon with the speed of a cyberspace message. Up, Up, and Away the prices will go. You will need a few thousand shares of a producing oil well just to drive to town and back. grouch


Wednesday, August 29th, 2001

Drove up to the Mennonite Bakery in Trenton, Ky today to get some of their seedless blackberry jam and a few loaves of fresh bread. What a delicacy. They have the finest olde world bakery products with only real butter, fresh, eggs, no preservatives, and a friendly disposition. Sometimes I pine for the quieter life. Carriages, Chickens in the yard, faith, hope, charity, and the ability to take care of yourself and yours without regard to energy crisis and recession. I am beginning to firmly believe that a true worsening of the economy is right around the corner. The only thing that seems to be keeping the economy running is spending by a public without concern for tomorrow. So many people have watched their 401k disolve into a shadow of their former selves, blythfully having faith in companies that are almost bankrupt, it is terrifying. A tax cut that took away the surplus and has done nothing to alleviate the economy.Now a campaign promise to leave Social Security Funds alone going down the drain. A President that is more concerned with image and vacationing then paying attention to business. Layoffs everywhere and a burgeoning Debt that could have been addressed but wasn't. I am not trying to sound pessimistic, but reality can be addressed only if you are in touch with it.

The market seems to be moving like the ocean before a hurricane; four foot waves rolling towards shore; Sun peeking through Cirrus clouds, vacationers bathing in the shadow of the warm blue waters of the Gulf, unaware of the large school of 7-10 foot Sharks cruising the waters searching for morsels of food. My question to you is "ARE YOU A SHARK OR A MORSEL?" Will you survive the consequences of a major storm? I assure you that there is one on the Horizon. grouch


Tuesday, August 28th,2001

God gave me two eyes to see with, two ears to listen with, a nose to smell the foul and the fine, a stomach to fill with fine food, and a mouth to keep shut. The hardest thing to do is shut my mouth. I have never been real successful at that endeavor. I pulled out of PHYC while there was still money to pull out and moved over to HBRNF to see if I could stimulate some action. I just figure that the energy crisis will get worse before it gets better and now I have spread my risk among three stocks, MSEV, FRCD, and HBRNF. I hope to see some action soon. STRU at .04 is about to spike again. It has done it for three consecutive months and I have no reason to believe it won't spike again. If it does, it will be an easy double. I need a few easy doubles. Another stock that looks interesting is IBIZ which is also sitting at .04. I continue to hear from investors who believe in holding pennies for the long term. I still contend that a 30% profit six or seven times beats a chance at a one time rise up the food chain. The real secret is get the #### out before you get burned. A friend of mine is still riding GX down from almost 10. to 3 and change. I advised him to get out five times and have watched his investment go past the margin call at 5 down to the mid 3s. When you see your investment evaporating and witness dilution, adversity, dumping, reverse pumping and pampering, it is wise to take a small hit and get to the sidelines where you have a chance to take a deep breath, evaluate your investment or bet and make a sound decision based on experience or luck or tarot cards or psychic or dog paws and barks as I sometimes do. I read the tarot cards, researched Raging Bull, and observed a ton of activity on DNAP, got out at .049 and sat back taking a deep breath. Three days later while the stock was at .035 and change, I bought back in and now have 30,000 shares at .056 for a 36% profit. Albeit, in increased shares of stock. Sold 20,000 shares at .049 and bought 30,000 shares at .035 only to see it rise back to .056. It sure beats holding for a future rise. Heckfire, if the stock continued down you still would be ahead of the individual who held on for dear life glued to the monitor and worrying him/herself to death. Sure the broker is happy; But, I am happy too. The only thing that suffers is my accountant and Schedule D.

The boards will open in a little while and I expect FRCD to move up about .06 to .30, GARB to stay at .065, and STRU to begin a spike. I am right almost 50% of the time. When looking at two roads, I try to walk the high road and keep an eye on the low road.You never know in these times when you need to take a shortcut to the opposite side of an issue. Only in Canada can you short pennies and the alternative is sell and buy back. It does work some of the time. grouch grouch


Monday, August27th, 2001

Good MORNING!!! Wake up and smell the fresh air of a newly minted day. Mother Nature gave us a chance to smell the green green grass of home. Speaking of Home; I spent about 17 years in the Vacaville, Fairfield, Suisun City area of Northern California. Less than a five minute drive away, in some of the most productive part of the World sits underground a vast supply of future energy in the form of natural gas and oil. Habernero Resources. (E-Trade symbol HBNRF) Is currently sitting at .07 U.S. and has the same chances of success as MSEV and FRCD which have been riding a roller coaster over the last three weeks. I love roller coaster stocks but I also like to jump aboard one before the ride. This morning I put in a buy order for 20,000 shares for a total outlay of $1,400. I put down my bet and am now waiting for the ride. Do a little DD on their website and see what you think. Heckfire, a gamble is still a gamble and I am a gambler.

One day in the near future, I am going to wake up to GARB jumping through the roof. I have more faith in GARB at .065 then the powerball. I bought 63 tickets in a small neighborhood pool. ($10 each) and walked away with zip/zilch/notta/nothing. At least with the pennies I get to agonize over the purchase, hear from friends about my stupid picks, and occasionally smile all the way to the bank. Remember, REITS are still good retirement vehicles. SUS is at a four year high, WXH is still paying out 15% dividends (like clockwork) and tech issues are horrible. I read where an estimated additional 350 or more .coms will bite the dust in the next 12 months. Even my dog Buddy hides his eyes when I try to show him investments involving .coms. Smart dog.

Grouch grouch


August 23rd, 2001

Well folks; I am sitting here at my computer with two cats, three dogs, and a cup of hot oolong tea. What a combination. Dogs chewing pig ears, cat in season, and a negligent grouch trying to put together a missive. I have missed two weeks but in some respects missed nothing. If I hadn't received so many e mails asking if I was still alive I probably would have procrastinated another five or six days.

Phyc submitted their quarterly and as expected no good news, a little negative and reflects a company still trying to dig itself out of the hole. Those loans out there will not help the lenders if they seek protection so I do not see an immediate panic. I also do not see a reason for keeping a sick issue that ain't going anywhere fast. GARB is flat as a pancake but as thinly traded as this is, it will take some real sales of their technology to get it moving. When it does, the multitudes will be wishing they had three or four blocks. I am not going to divest myself anytime soon. at .065 it is worth keeping a few around.

I have played with fire with FRCD and bought and sold six or seven times in the last six trading days. Intraday spikes of 50-70% with high volume provides a sales opportunity I just couldn't pass up. I still like DNAP and got out for a while a .05 only to buy back in at .035 It is now at .055 or so and remains a good gamble. A reader asked me to look at USXP at .155 or so. It is a stock I would consider if I had any immediate room in my poortfoolio.,

I have looked around and looked around and finally possibly, hopefully, maybe, found a job as a sales support staff for a small but vigorous company. I will let you all know of my success or lack there of in a day or two. Early Retirement Sucks. Four Walls close in on me, My honey dos begin to be honey don'ts and my dogs even get tired of me being around. Take care, make a buck and I wish each and every one of you a successful Rest of the Week. Heckfire, the market has flat gotta find a bottom one day soon. grouch grouch


Thursday, August 9th, 2001

Good Morning! Life is fantastic. Garb took off late yesterday when the press release finally got out. Do your DD but if you want in on this gamble it is good timing now. here is a portion of the PR for your review:

SALT LAKE CITY, Aug 8, 2001 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- Garb-Oil & Power
Corporation (OTC Bulletin Board: GARB) announced today that it has signed
Agreements with Minority Tire Reclamation, Inc of Virginia to represent and
Distribute Garb-Oil machinery and technology in the states of Virginia, North
Carolina and Maryland and the Princeton Group out of Shanghai, China with U.S.
offices located in Los Angeles, California. The Agreement with the Princeton
Group covers all of Asia and allows the Garb-Oil machinery and technology to be
manufactured in China and marketed on a license and Technology Transfer basis
throughout Asia. The Princeton Group have completed arrangements for Eagle Tire
of Edmore, India to visit Cheng De, China to observe a crumb rubber plant in
operation using combined Garb-Oil and Chinese technology, on a technology
transfer basis, that will be marketed throughout Asia and other countries.

With Permission of Garb-Oil, National Recycling Corp. and Minority Tire
Reclamation have Joint Ventured to cover the State of Pennsylvania for one
project and are currently negotiating for a tire recycling plant to be located
in or near Pittsburgh that would be operated by minorities.

Garb-Oil continues to establish its worldwide manufacturing and marketing
network which is scheduled to be completed and in full operation by the end of
this year. For the first time in its history Garb-Oil is now able to compete
with anyone in the United States and Internationally for sale of its machinery
and systems that have been proven over a 33-year period. Preliminary discussions
with previous and current clients, using the new price schedules, have been and
are very promising for future sales.

This news release contains forward-looking statements within the meaning of the
Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995 (the Act). In particular when
used in the preceding discussion, the words plan, confident that, believe,
expect, intent to, potential and similar conditional expressions are intended to
identify forward-looking statements within the meaning of the Act and are
subject to risks and uncertainties, and actual results could differ materially
from those expressed in any forward-looking statements. Such risks and
uncertainties include, but are not limited to, market conditions, competitive
factors, the ability to successfully complete additional financing, and other

Not a glamour business, but one which can sure help out the environment. grouch grouch

Wednesday, August 8th, 2001

Time to make a buck. Garb jumped up after six days of inactivity and moved .02 before settling at .07 up .015.I thought it was dead and gone. They have the most unsettling PR firm in the business. Pay them good money and they take a vacation. Still a darned good stock that will be around awhile and will make somebody rich. PHYC is still alive at .08 and I am awaiting its quarterly report. DNAP is still a good value and will go up and down a few more times this year. It is in a good dip now and following good news should provide a profit. I bought in two more blocks today at under .05. At that price the downside risk is downright tolerable. A good flyer is NTUN. At 2.60 it is at a three month low and with bridge financing in effect, a twenty year record in the cremation business and a sector that is coming out of the doldrums is a real flyer. I bought some at 4 about three weeks ago, sold at 6 about two weeks ago and bought a bundle today at the close of 2.52. If you have some gamblin money left tomorrow may be a good time to jump in under 3. Do your own DD and take a look.

Life is good and can only get better. Turn the tv off, kick back, drink a cup of hot tea and contemplate all the good things that have come your way this year. Sure beats moanin and groanin about life. This market will get better. Emulate our Publician Prez. and take a month long working vacation to Texas. Maybe go out and visit Mr. Condit in California. He sure might be glad to see you. Remember, it is only about 105 days til Christmas. Decorations will be the local Wal*Mart in a week or two. grouch grouch


Tuesday, August 7th, 2001

It sure is a waiting game. Companies just do not do what investors want. When an annual report is supposed to be filed, the company delays it and then forgets about it. When a question regarding the quarterly arises, they stonewall it and will not let you know the release date. Just a sign of the otcbb market. The companies would not be here if they were doing real well. Call me frustrated, or paranoid, or whatever. But damn it, someone somewhere has the answer. For them to stonewall me is frustrating. On a happier note, regardless of reports, PHYC rose 1.7 cents to .087 today on medium volume. Could that be an indicator that a report is forthcoming? buys outnumbered sells four to one. ITET at .032 is a steal. That reminds me, I haven't had the opportunity to steal anything lately. Every penny this quarter has been hard won. A good stock to make 30 or 40% on any given week is ttrif. The volatility and volume creates several buying and selling opportunities every couple of weeks. I bought 50,000 shares at .0036 and sold today at .0076 which is a cheap double. My ole coon dog and menagerie have to eat. This year I have seen more friends get eaten alive by holding long when they could have turned their stock six or seven times at 30-50% and ended up with basically a free portfolio. In dealing with pennies it ain't who holds the marbles, it is the number of marbles you can keep in play. My broker is happy and I am happy. The only person unhappy is my accountant. Three or four hundred trades in a six month period makes for a hefty schedule D. Anybody out there have a job. I am buried by four walls and found out that early retirement sucks. grouch grouch


Monday, August 6th,2001

Good Morning!! It sure is wonderful to be alive, not on an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico, able to seek shelter amongst friends and acquaintances. Life sure is great. I was amazed at the market last week. A friend of mine had sold INTC at something like 27 after having purchased it at 45 or so. He felt that there was no immediate life in the stock. He took the proceeds and purchased GX based on contrarian thoughts and some strong buy recommendations. He bought in at about 8.50 and hoped to recoup his losses from INTC. Friday he called me comisserating about INTC up in the mid 30s' and GX being downgraded. This points out a theory I have that I am going to impart to readers of this column. It is called THE POWER OF DOING NOTHING. When in a quandry regarding a specific direction to go and pondering the + and - of various options, there is a time to sit back and utilize the Power of Doing Nothing. For a two year period in my life I owned a bait and tackle shop on the Sacramento River in Northern California. During the Fall and Winter Months Sturgeon would be running in the river. These Prehistoric Fish sometimes reached several hundred lbs and could be over 12 ft. in length. The fishermen would use ghost shrimp or other bait and consider themselves lucky if after three months of nearly continous fishing they had even one on the line. Patience was the key to this sport.

I relay this to you because after looking intensely at the otcbb market and pinks, I have no idea where it is headed. I am using the power of doing nothing to make sure I do not get wrapped up in trying to recoup money like my good friend has done with INTC and GX. He thought he was using good judgement and I believe him to be a smart and knowledgable trader. But A gamble is a gamble and I will gamble on other stocks. I bought ITET on Friday at .038 and will sell on a 30% rise. I purchased FRCD on a tip last week at .135 and sold at .26. It still is a good stock but I am not playing it long, I am trying to make a living. When you buy INTC or whatever ,you need to consider it as a long unless you know what your doing and doing some intraday buying/selling. Most daytraders last three to six months and get burned. Heckfire, I do not buy stock, I gamble. I just prefer to have my bets drag out over days instead of minutes. grouch grouch.

Monday, July 30th, 2001

Here it is the end of another month. The Year is more than half over and the market is still jumping like a fresh caught catfish being cooked in a skillet. I used to think I knew a few things. I thought I could make a buck by using my own little system. 1.Do a lot of research 2. Get into Due Diligence with a passion. 3. Time your entry to take full advantage of dips in the market. 4. Buy enough pennies to be able to make a profit on intraday trading. 5. Do not be afraid to sell when the stock appreciates 30/40%. 6. Do not be afraid to get out of a stock if you see signs of dilution/ major dumping by the company or other signs of disintegration. 7. Utilize specific funds that are expendable when gambling. Do not take away from your primary retirement package. 8. When you hit a spike and show a good profit, pull down 30/50% of the profits and place them in your retirement fund. 9. Do not be afraid to sit out the market until it stabilizes or shows direction.

I watched the market last week and decided that my timing may be off a little in this market. Though I still have faith in GARB at .06 or .07 ; DNAP at .052 or so; and PHYC at .07 or so, I see a lot of degradation in other stocks such as WLGS at .015 and NRES at .0030 or so. I watched NRGE spike based on the Arsenic standards and dip when the Bush Administration dropped the new standards. Now it appears that the new standards are going to come back into play. Hopefully, NRGE will move back off .55 or so and shoot back up to l.50 or so.

I have never played pennies as a strong long position; opting instead to move with a 30/40% swing, thereby providing me with income. Lately I have not seen the necessary volatility to make a profit. Therefore this week or until I see an upswing I am opting for my rule #9, sit out the market til I see some direction. Sometimes the gambler has to get off the River Boat, take a ride into the country, buy a few fresh picked ears of corn, tomatoes right off the vine, potatoes dug fresh from the garden, pick a few blackberries, visit a few friends, and get a new perspective on the overall picture!!! Grouch grouch grouch


Monday, July 23rd, 2001

Good Morning; The weekend is past; last week is gone forever; The President is overseas; The market is poised to do something; What it does is dependent on who you trust and believe and have faith in. That is because it is a reflection of ourselves, our economy, our outlook, and our decisions. If the majority of investors woke up with a good feeling, a faith that the economy is in an upswing, and acted on their faith, we would have a new upswing in the economy. Fellow investors, the economy is in our hands. Be positive, look for the good in the economy, the stock, the co worker, the spouse, the significant other, the neighbors, and everyone else you come in contact with. The world will take on a new glow and we will move forward again. Remember, the glass can be half full whenever you decide it is not half empty.

Enough preaching. Friday was a bellweather of sorts. Most good pennies held their ground last week and continued trying to gather funding, find new avenues to explore sales, and so forth. My poortfoolio maintained the status quo. Interesting enough, Institutions started buying PHYC in the .09/.10 area. Garb is poised to jump on good news and at .09 is a very good buy. King is ready to rumble. Several PRs' have been issued and they have moved forward in acquisitions. At .165 it is deemed a good value for this gambler. DNAP is a a current low and good news did nothing for it last week. I discern one thing. DNAP will be around for a while and eventually something significant will cause this stock to create good value in someone's portfolio. In the .06 area I see a lot of upside potential and low downside risk.

I was exploring the Net the other day and typed GARB into a search engine. Low and behold, I found one of my older columns in a URL attributed to someone else. They had apparently copied it and forwarded in their name. You know you have arrived when you can be found at random on the net. grouch grouch


Thursday, July 19th,2001

Apathy, Fear, Lows, New lows, It is a recession if you are out of work and a dangfabed Depression if I am out of work. I have spent most of the week trying to decide if the glass is half full or half empty. I think that is what is wrong with the market today. Investors are tired of watching grass grow and are becoming apathetic.Instead of focusing on lowered profits, we should be focused on expanding opportunities. My retirement funds have been safely residing in REITS such as WXH, SUS, SHU, and others. Of the five REITS I include in my account, all are at or near three year highs. All pay decent dividends that beat inflation and all have good management. My speculative portfolio is spread among stocks that are living breathing companies with cash flow or seed funds and vision. Some are in trouble, some are having trouble gaining recognition, all have funding problems. I have never met a sick person with enough money to pay for recovery. The same holds true in the corporate environment.That is why the rewards are great for those who can ride through a companies trials and tribulations. Risks remain great but an investor should only incur the amount of risk he/she can cope with.

This week is the week that was in my portfolio. I have been riding a sideways market all week. GARB goes up two cents, PHYC goes down a cent or two, Good news with DNAP and it drops 20%. IBUI reports a profit and loses 18%. The short term can cause turmoil. But, in pennies it is extremely hard to take time off and go to the supermarket. Come back and you missed a 60% spike and the stock closes down 15% for the day. I am pontificating about this because I tend to rationalize instead of getting mad. I could have written this whole column using three words HANG IN THERE!!! grouch grouch. PS. I enjoy the many e mails and am glad those that enjoy my rantings take time to drop a line


Monday, July 16th, 2001

Recovery is upon us. Optimism reigns. Only in America can a person attend a religious service of his/her choice;go to City Hall and lobby for "NO NEW TAXES'; return home after filling the SUV with $1.50 per gallon gas;stop by and pick UP A choice of alcoholic or non alcoholic beverages accompanied by varied warnings on the label;Purchase a pack of cancer laden cigarettes;Stop by the ATM and withdraw a couple sawbucks;buy $19 worth of pet supplies for their canine or feline friends; walk into the air conditioned, well furnished residence; plop themselves in front of the 36" digitally inhanced television; turn on the news program of their choice; watchthelatest political scandel; digest a 1,500 calorie meal containing red meat, fat, massive carbohydrates etc. and pronounce to the world in general: HONEY!! LOOK AT ALL THAT CRAP ON THE BOOB TUBE. THE WORLD IS GOING TO HADES IN A HANDBASKET!!!!

My it is a blessing to live in the United States of America!

Time to make a buck. PHYC is at .105 and has a new high for a low. Should have an SEC filing out this week. High volume for such a thinly traded stock. A doubling this week is very possible. GARB probably is on of the most under rated micros out there. The company is not into high hype Public Relations and the worlds tires keep piling up. If their solution is grasped this little puppy will jump into the next century. KING at .20 is still an attractive stock and IBUI at .031 is reporting profitability. PRAV at .34 is at a fifty two week low and poised for an upward movement. Life goes on. I will be watching the morning opening with fingers poised on the keystrokes to make any necessary adjustments to my poortfoolio. Last week was kind to me. I will take an overall increase of 33 % or so to my holdings. The gambler in me says stay and my spouse says sell. In 37 years I haven't listened to my spouse so why today? Grouch Grouch


Thursday,  July 13th 2001

Fantastic, Awsome, Erin Go Brach. It is mighty great to be alive and living in the finest country in our universe.The trading day will soon open on the fifth trading day of the week and it is going to be a good one.

PHYC has grown by about 30% to close at .105 after reaching an intraday high of .12. Hallelulea.GARB jumped up 60% in intraday trading on good news and settled at .07 poised for a run up today. KING ended up 25% at .20 after an intraday high of .24. I bought another 20,000 GARB because I can only see roses in their future. But that is the life of a gambler. PHYC is thinly traded and volume is going up rapidly along with a steady grind upward. For the first time this year I am confident that my portfolio is properly balanced. I understand PHYC will be reporting results of the lst quarter by Tuesday or so. With the volume engendered yesterday and today I have a good feeling. IBUI at .031 is poiosed to have a good run next week and I have good vibes about PRAV at a 52 week low of .345. My coon dog Buddy has been singing (or howling) the virtues of my current portfolio. I bought a 13lb boneless rib eye roast in the event he has picked correctly. He deserves the reward for standing by me and bolstering my confidence level. By judicious pruning and purchasing this week I have been able to grow my risk portfoolio by 33%, a record for me for one week. Without volatility looking like my Uncle Festus's EKG and a little luck I couldn't have done it. Remember these fool penny stocks are pure gambles at their best and success requires a lot of good DD, luck, intuition, and all the help you can get. BUT IT SURE IS FUN WHEN YOU ARE RIGHT. GROUCH GROUCH


Wednesday, July 11th, 2001

Two days before Friday the 13th. I am not superstitious. Repeat; I Am Not Superstitious!!! I say this meaningfully, but deep down inside of me my genes from my Irish Mother come forth and whisper little parcels of heresy and mongering into my psych. I will not stay on the 13th floor, I never walk under a ladder, and I give black cats plenty of room. A friend of mine jokingly(I hope) uses dolls in which he sticks pins into to take his frustrations out on perceived enemies. It all boils down to a project I have in mind for Friday the 13th. I am in fact going to have two Thursdays and no Friday this week. This will insure five lucky days. I will let you know how I did.

Down to business. New Stocks to my list. PRAV at .355. a 52 week low with good news and cash flow. KING at .17 an energy resource group with good volatility and sitting in the middle of a downward spike. ABRG a micropenny oil stock at .036. time to do a little rock and rolling. And last but definitely not least, IBUI an internet company that started the week with a 52 week low of .017 but doubled back to close today at .034 with fantastic news. A 500% increase in earnings and finally at a profit. Nothing but good news could be ahead for this little baby.

I have been sitting on a small block of IBUI for about three weeks after they acquired another company and announced intentions of merging with another profitable company. I feel that though it is a gamble, that their is a lot of upside potential to all four stocks. I am happy to see PHYC at .08 and DNAP moving back into the .07/.08 range. GARB is starting its move back at .075 and the only loser in my motley poortfoolio is TTRIF which is almost off the board at .0030 or so. I bought and sold TTRIF so many times that I kept a healthy block just to keep up my interest. If they ever become profitable and absorb some of their billion or so shares, the stock may cease to become my future wallpaper for my den. I love my little pennies because even when ye ole Nasdaq rattles her saber and the DJIA starts looking for cover you can find some action. I love to hear the big boys are being pummeled because I can run to my computer, dial up six or fifty micros' and find something to through some money in. Till the 13th good bottom fishing grouch grouch


Monday, July 9th, 2001

Today is an important day in the Micropennies. The Markets are poised for big sell offs with discouraging news coming in all weekend from home and abroad. I have found that when the NASDAQ in general gets pounded that select micropennies will reflect the negativism and others will spike good profits. Thus it is imperative to watch those stocks closely in opening minutes to determine direction. I have made some good money on Mondays and saved my butt on days like today by being deligent and quick with the keystrokes. I have tried numerous brokers and E*Trade usually is the fastest and most economical in the end. When I need to buy or sell, I do not want to have to determine trade costs through complex formulas and discouragement from some damned broker. I either want in or I want out. I still have every confidence in my poortfoolio, but am not putting it on auto pilot this Monday or Tuesday. I am trying to buy PHYC at .08 or under and have had a hard time with the size blocks I need. I can not find sellers. That is a good sign I guess. DNAP is at .069 and I had another opportunity to add 5,000 or so shares at .06 Friday. I will be making some new choices on Wednesday based on tomorrows opening. I mapped out four potentially volatile but high potential pennies that I want to follow for a couple of days before buying in. I will have them in Wednesdays column if they are worth a flitter. As always, these stocks are high risk, pure gambles with no assurances that you are not being bamboozled by pros' . Do your own Due Dilligence and never enter these markets with your eyes closed. I refuse to gamble with my main portfolio. If I lost my retirement funds my dogs would bite me, my wife divorce me(after 37 years maybe a good thing) and the prospect of a $400,000 roof (bridge abutement) over my head is not right tolerable. Grouch grouch


Friday, July 6th, 2001

A decent end to a decent week. That is all I ask for. I do believe the micropenny market is stabilized more than I have seen in a month of Sundays. I checked thirteen stocks that I have an interest in and with one exception, they closed within a few percentage points of what they were on Monday. TTRIF spiked up in intraday on Monday but settled down to its usual .004 or so by close Thur/ PHYC has thrown higher lows and dug in at .076 or so.DNAP is the only exception. It is at .061 after some volatility on Tues. I got lucky and bought a block on Tues. at .059 just before close and watched it spike back up top .067. There are still six or seven more plays in the ole gal before she makes a permanent run up or out. I am not inclined to believe out. I have seen more DD on this company than any other lately and feel good about the upside and minimal risks (for a penny) downside. Still a gamble though.

July is here and it is time to get to work, make a few bucks and look towards taking a week or two away from this fool computer. I am going to spend some time doing DD on some micros' over the next couple of days. Make a buck and shake a leg. grouch grouch


Tuesday, July 3rd, 2001

Good Morning World. Time to rise and shine and make a buck or two. Checked my expenses for last month and found that my critters, a Coon Hound, a Fiest, a fat Chihuaha, and assorted cats and fish cost me an average of six bucks a day. I am truly spoiled. They guard me, worry about me, keep me active, eat my leftovers, fertilize my yard, try to keep me warm at night, and will probably add ten years to my life. Well, I've got to get to work to earn enough to feed them. After all Kroger is running a special on boneless Ribeyes at $3.99 per lb. It will take ten pounds to feed them on our birthday, July 4th.

DNAP showed an interesting litiny of buy/sells on level two today. closed at .066. I wish I had a little more money to invest because this puppy will not stay at this level forever. PHYC did a masterful job biting the bullet and entrenching itself at .07. I personally have made three runs in the last week trying to capture a few thousand more shares at that level to no avail. I do not think it real important to purchase at this level(.075/.08 is fine) but feel challenged to attempt it. Have watched the ask price reach my buy but no takers. Those of you who do not avail yourself of all the links and tools available through Shame Shame. Knowledge is power and gaining knowledge is gaining power. Dispense with it wisely and you shall remain in power. If nothing else, in power of your own financial destiny. I have made money on several picks from other pickers. Some are more sophisticated than others, some are wrong, but many are right. Heckfire, we are not all perfect all the time. Some of my flops have been legendary. Level 11 for OTCBB stocks is available free of charge. Streaming quotes tailored to your needs is as easy as a few keystrokes away. Life is a gamble but until you assimilate information and add the power of rational thought to your arsenal, you are shooting in the dark. I find RagingBull interesting to say the least. I have found that those who appreciate it for what it is can find a wealth of information available. You must disregard the vile, filth, and ugly ministrations of gloom and doomers and weigh with much regard the hype of Pump and Dumpers but a portion of the commentary is like like red meat to the caveman. Like all tools, it takes time to learn to scan and cut and paste and screen and disregard. But once you have unearthed your skills you can find out a wealth of information. In many instances Raging Bull will light the fires of warning two to three days in advance of a dilution of stock, a change in management or direction of the company, etc. You do not have to answer or post, but read. The smartest person I know speaks rarely and developed the skills of listening and reading and assimilating knowledge through attention to detail.

Enough pontificating: Time to go out and make a buck.

Grouch grouch


Monday, July 2nd, 2001

GOOD MORNING!!!! Tis the week we celebrate our Beloved Country's Birthday. Thank God for the good Ole U.S.of A. I know that this Country is not perfect. Lord I have seen many things I would change if I had the power. But I have over the last 60 years been in 50States and over 50 Countries and every single time I step on U.S. Soil I give thanks to my forefathers and good fortune for being born in the U.S. A. We truly are a melting pot of ethnicity and religion. We have the ability who so ever we are to invest our hard earned dollars in our own destiny and in fact vote for those programs through our representatives that we wish to continue or drop. It damned well ain't perfect but I would not trade my or my family's heritage for anything.

Here I am ranting and raving again. But I just feel good; Thats all. I had a couple of minor surgical procedures and came through in flying colors. Came back and checked the NASDAQ and found I had lost nary a cent and in fact gained a few scheckels on GARB which is now at .0799 and lost nothing on PHYC. (Still having trouble buying at the ask) NTUN got some hype from some of the PR people last week and I bought a couple hundred at 4.05 finding that it jumped up to $6.50 or so. To my wife that don't mean I want to be cremated. UNDERSTAND. I have this phobia about fire. TTRIF at .004 or so got its environmental model open in Malaysia and if they ever can solve their funding problems hav a shot of making a buck or two. I purchased a block of IBUI at .034 just to keep my interest high in seeing what they plan to do in their merger attempts. I consider that purchase my lottery tickets for the week. I wouldn't recommend either of the last two to anyone who is trying to earn gainful employment. Let us gamblers play with it. We know how to lose. I think I will buy a few more DNAP while the price remains below .08. I don't think this is a big gamble. Something, Somewhere, Sometime will pull this little jewel out of the fire and make it right.

Enough pontificating for an ole grouch. Time to await opening bell and see if my motley portfolio will make my day. grouch grouch  Links  Search   Disclaimer  About Us Advertising

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