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Welcome to

SuperDG's Picks

Picks for April 12, 2000

BUY FOCS, NOW!!!! The market will GO, again. And, it is a $1.50 stock that

sells for less than .80. What else can I say. This is my strategy for

tomorrow, BUY FOCS!!!

Look at WIZZF and WTCH. Their partnership looks good for future growth.

Shares are undervalued right now. Great time to buy.

Picks for April 11, 2000:

I've been extremely busy at work, but with the NASDAQ going wildly down this past week, it was a super time to buy. Here are my selections for early tomorrow.

FOCS-- made a great comeback today. RB Board has some interesting news about the ORBCOMM merger. I added shares last week and am glad I did. Hope you did, too. Closed up .24 today.

WIZZF--came back, again. Study all the news, new and old. It still looks good.

Take a look at Tower Air (TOWRQ). It has been semi-active. Coming out of Chapter 11.

See the note at the BOTTOM, again, please. Do your own research.


April 3, 2000:

OZON--still looks very good to me. And, I hope you got in this week while it is down. I did, and am glad to own OZON, again.

WIZZF--sank with the rest of them this week, but it will be back. It made a good comeback on Friday. I hope you had enough foresight to buy while it was down.

FOCS--Check out the news. It too was down, but came back. It is a good company. I increased my holding this week. I think this one will rise soon. The price is GREAT right now.

PCOM--was fairly stable during the fall this week. It is a very good company, too. Stay with it.

TOWRQ--Hopefully you did some research on this one. It has shown a slight comeback the last couple of days. I own it, but, don't have enough experience with Chapter 11 to make a recommendation.

March 30, 2000:

OZON--It's down to .69. I've been out of town, but will get in early tomorrow. I told you a couple of days ago that I would when it was at .75. It is and I will. I like the company and the products. I owned once, got out too early. Glad to have an opportunity to get back in,and below where I was when I dumped the company. Research this one and find the connection to Proctor and Gamble.

WIZZF--If you got in already, stay in. If you didn't, it's a bargain early tomorrow.

I still like PCOM and FOCS. FOCS closed less than a dollar. Great time to jump on-board. I plan to increase my position on FOCS tomorrow morning,


Take a look at Tower Air. They have a Chapter 11 going on, quit trading, but began trading again today. Look at it. It's around .50 right now.Things are bumpy right now, but have faith. It's been this way before and you lived through it. Do your research and invest for the long-term in companies you like.

Do your own research, and see the note at the bottom of this page, please.


WIZZF--climbed back today, went to $3.04. Hope you took my advice to buy

early, if not, I think it's still a steal tomorrow. More good news on file,

check it out.

FOCS--Made a small comeback today. Went to $1.10. I added shares early

today. Hope you did too. No new news, just typical of this company. Still

plan to play long. I'm still predicting $1.35 by mid-week (maybe week-end).

If you got in at $1.01 early in the day, that's not a bad one week return!

PCOM--Good news for Telscape on Friday. Plan to wait to see if the merger

happens. Will hold and play long. I like this company, even though it fell

to $3.33 today. Good time to add shares.

OZON--I'm studying this one again. Owned it once and was sorry to bail too

soon. It's at .81 today. Plan to play again at .75.

See special note at the bottom of this page.


WIZZF--play it early. I expect it to hit $3.50 early in the week (maybe as

early as Monday). Tumbled on Friday, but the news seems to be good. I've

been trying to get in at $3 for the past 3 weeks, finally did on Friday. I

also like WTCH as a partner to this company. Look at news on both.

FOCS--closed Friday at $1. I'm playing it to go above $1.35 by mid-week. This

one has been up and down for the past month. Saw $1.64 recently. Look at the

short-term chart on this one. A Great play at $1. Do research on it, some

believe this one will go to $10 within 6 months. I plan to play to $6.

PCOM--good for the long-term. I own it at $2.25. Plan to stay with it for

the long haul. Good news, but not a lot of news. Doesn't seem to be your

typical hype type company. Just solid business plan.

And, just for the record, my recent "sorry I sold too soon list" includes NVXE

at $3 and OZON at .75. I did well with both, BUT............

And, my "sorry I bought list" includes GO at $26, BICO at .60, and WLNK at


YOUR research is what you should base your investments on. I did mine.

Boards such as this gave me the tips I've listed above. I don't endorse the

stocks, I have simply shared my perspective. I am a professional educator,

not a stock guru. DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH, don't trust mine.  Links  Search   Disclaimer Advertising

© 1997, 1998,1999, 2000 All rights reserved.