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Welcome to

Stock Picks by TK421

The following is a little insight to the man behind the post. First off I am not a professional stock trader, I do this for extra income and a quick retirement. Actually I work the standard Forty-hour week at an extremely boring and undemanding job which leaves me plenty of time to research and trade during the week. I will do most of my posting at the weeks end when I have had ample time for research and which will allow you, the reader, to conduct your own investigation over the weekend before next weeks trading. There will be random posting throughout the workweek in the case something arises that needs immediate attention.




This little Biotech has been a mover since the day I bought in @3 1/2 at the beginning of February. It reached its 52-week high, 8, only weeks later, then hit 16 a little after that. The stock has come back down, due to lack of new news and profit taking, but will soon spike again. In my opinion it will continue to drop a little more but soon start to rise as FDA talks are in the making on there newest drug, NEUPREX(R). As soon as the FDA approves that NEUPREX(R) is worthy of speedy research (Fast Track), the stock will spike, and considering the recent multi million-dollar investment by Baxter Healthcare, it WILL happen. Please research for yourself, the resources are more than abundant.


Optimism is high on this stock, just look at the volume. Many people are posting a buy recommendation on this stock, and in my opinion, such exposure will make a stock move. Short/Mid term predictions are in the 1 to 2 dollar range. This stock along with many of the OTC stock has recently dipped. The beginning of next week will be an excellent time to get in.


This company has had recent problems with the SEC, which in turn has made the price very appealing. It's not the first time this has happened, so don't be alarmed. At this point the stock is slighty risky but something to watch closely throughout next week. A lot of people are talking about this stock, just look at the volume on the message boards. Myself, I'm in, I believe it will provide a nice profit.  Links  Search   Disclaimer Advertising

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