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Welcome to,

SPCoach53's Picks


Hope all had a Very Merry Christmas and hopes for a safe and happy New Year.

Again after doing my research and on DLNK, .002 and IBUI, .014, these are very good buys long term. DLNK is at a 3 year low and near the completion of the restructuring process, (news due out soon) and IBUI is trading at a very modest volumes per day and getting ready to break.

Again as all stocks are risk, check these to out and lets get ready to make some profits in 2002.

Good Day



Good Morning Everyone:

The media hype over Enron(ENE). has everyone up in arms right now, the congressional hearings, will will bring out the rats involved here...and the biggest like the past CEO.

Enron is trading at .66 right now and is still the stock to just came out this morning that enron will restructure within a ENE now and make a good investment while it is at rock bottom...looking at it to hit about 2.85 by the end of the year.

Good Day




Good Morning All

According to all the good news this weekend, ENE-trading at .75 is still the best bet, Citibank,Morgan all have a large credit stake in the company and want to pull it out, not go short

Again let me explain my thought process on DLNK, trading at .009, yes they have filed chapter 11, yet they are waiting word on another contract,plus they have the Alaskian contract to fulfill yet...they will get over the hill..invest in this one long and should see .23 a share come february 2002, DLNK produces sensors for the gas,oxygen,chemical companies.

Thank You




The first two picks I would like are DLNK....just opened up the Alaskian Market....0027 and the research looking to hit the mid twenties by years end.

BNBN..excellent debt...praised highly by mutual fund companies..and a remarkable cash is thime to buy.....1.49 today

Have a Wonderful Day

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