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Welcome to

Risk2BRich's Penny Picks


Well, where do I begin...DRYD was certainly a disappointment with their announcement of a 20-1 reverse split along with their confirmation of the E-resources acquisition. Many complaints have followed by investors concerning their lack of notice or intention regarding the reverse split. Although DRYD may establish themselves as excellent long-term potential, I feel most pennies should be at best played as short-term or what I consider long-term for pennies (no longer than 3-6 months) due to their volatility. As a result, I no longer support nor recommend DRYD.

Other updates:

MVEE(E) As of 03/25 .055 ...Lack of filing with the SEC have caused the dreaded "E". However, last month this same issue occurred and MVEE successfully filed and spear-headed a run that toppled @.14. Buying at these low levels presents obvious high-risk, however, could prove profitable considering their past performance.

FASC As of 03/25 .49 ...Has seems to have established a base of .40-.45. News/Updates concerning their showing at the Globe Expo could very well spike the price once more, however, going forward, established contracts are necessary to increase this price substantially.

QBID As of 03/25 .13 ...Recent acquisition of "The Provider" an internet company has did little to increase QBID from its base of about .12-.14. News has been delayed concerning their merger with GAAY. QBID remains one of my long-term picks (3-6 months).

TMMI (E) As of 03/25 .50....Is this correct? @.50 TMMI has experienced delays in filing with the SEC. However, substantial long-term potential exists with anticipation of its product release. Definitely one to keep an eye on.

My two picks for the next 2 weeks are...

SFAD (currently @.19) and AREE (currently @.12) seem under-valued and on a dip representing a possibly good entry point for the next 2 weeks. I am currently reviewing each of these to determine their potential.

As always, risk what you can afford to lose and do your own dd.

Happy Investing!!!




These last few days have taken its toll on any portfolio, however, this is a good time to purchase at bargain prices.

As noted in my last post, DRYD is still my pick for this week as well as next week. As I previously stated, @.50 this stock is extremely undervalued and a PR regarding their acquisition of eresources should prove profitable. My short-term target: $.90. Once their inital PR is released, others should shortly follow increasing the value accordingly.

Other picks are FASC (GLOBE Expo 03/24) and QBID (Merger with GAAY 03/15).

I would also suggest to keep an eye on MVEE. MVEE seems to have established a base of .10 and shows potential.

As always I wish you a good luck and feel free to contact me should you have any questions




Some updates regarding my previous picks:


QBID @.13 from .16 02/28 (high of .21).Merger between GAAY should take place within the next 7-10 days which should result in significant gains.

SFAD @.265 from .20 02/28 (high of .32).


FASC @.30 ...On the rise due to anticipation concerning upcoming Globe 2000 Expo.

IBUI @1.06...Rollercoaster ride but has proven interesting. (hit high of $1.91!!).

MVEE @.07 from .05 02/28 (high of .091). Continue to watch this one closely.

My short-term pick for this week is ....DRYD @.55!! IMHO, this company is much under-valued and is subject to significant gains due to the upcoming news of their E-commerce deal. Once this deal is finalized, a name change will follow as well as additional acquisitions. I also consider this a long-term pick as well.

As always, please do your dd and feel free to contact me should you have any questions regarding my selections.

Happy Investing!!




My thanks go out to many of you for responding and I appreciate your interest in my selections.

I hope many of you took advantage of QBID. @ .16, I still feel QBID is capable of some positive gains next week of .20 +.

My pick for this week is ...(drum roll) SFAD! Currently @ .20, SFAD should experience substantial gains as news continues to leak of their strong quarterly performance.

My long-term picks are as follows:


FASC...Still holding onto this as contracts are soon to be negotiated.

IBUI ...This stock should explode as news of their acquisitions becomes public.


MVEE...Why not?? Currently @.050, I can't help but be excited of what possibilities this company may have but this one needs a watchful eye! This week should be interesting as a result of their pay-per-view special of Dice Clay 03/03.

Please remember....Due diligence shouldn't be optional but required!!

Again, thanks for visiting and Happy Investing!!




My pick for next week is QBID @.095. As a result of recent acquisitions, numerous PR's, and substantial volume I feel this stock has significant potential within the next 2 weeks and could possibly be a long-term hold as well.

Stay tuned for updates regarding this selection.

I hope many of you picked up TMMI . It was a steal @.86. your own dd and thank you for visiting!!

Good Luck!!




Welcome! Some updates to my previous picks:

WWDE -- .245 Price was reduced from a high of .34 on Monday.

FASC -- .26 This stock is on the move destined to break .30 without a PR. Much potential with this company and a good short term hold of 2 months.

GONT -- .55 Excellent product and although this stock experienced gains earlier this week, still should move further based on forthcoming PR.

Now is an excellent time to look into TMMI.($0.86) as of 02/16. (Sounds too good to be true!)

...For you bargain hunters..check out TRDY .06 as of 02/16.

End of message.

Thank you






Introduction: My strategy in selecting penny stocks is to research each companies's product in an effort to determine if such a product has the potential of substantial profit. My main focus is tech stocks where demand is at an all-time high. I identify companies by evaluating charts, PR's, volume, and history. The following picks represent "sound" companies who I believe have the management, capital, and product to turn substantial profits. By all means, do your own DD and good luck to you! Feel free to e-mail me with any questions regarding any of my selections.  Links  Search   Disclaimer Advertising

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