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Welcome friends,RideTheWave is for the pennys i feel are for the high risk
players,never invest what you can not lose.I have two plays that seem to be
interesting at this time.TTRIF looks interesting @ .0041 or so,seems to be
slowly moving and after reading the PR i would like to see what will become
of it.,uu[h,a]daclyymy[pb50!b200][vc 60][iUb14!La12,26,9!Lp14,3,3]

Next is NRES,this little gem looks interesting also @ .0032 or so,after
reading this PR,and the beating it has taken.It's worth to watch!,uu[h,a]daclyymy[pb50!b200][vc 60][iUb14!La12,26,9!Lp14,3,3]

A little NRES info.

NRES, based in Miami, is a fully reporting company. NRES has 6 major
projects where the company owns the land and is either under construction or
in the plans and permitting process. The company's business is real estate
development. NRES projects are: Building a 60 unit luxury apartment house in
Miami known as GRANADA GRAND, upon sale the company will generate $7,000,000
revenues and $2,500,000 net income in 2002;

Building a 60 unit luxury apartment house in Miami known as CONQUISTADOR
PLAZA, now under construction, generating $7,000,000 revenues upon sale, and
$2,500,000 net income in 2002; CONSTRUCTION UPDATE: started construction on
the 2nd level of parking at the Conquistador Plaza Apts and that the
foundation for the perimeter wall is 100% complete and the steel is 100%
complete for the perimeter wall around the basement at the Conquistador
Plaza Apts. The building site is 2270 SW 32 Ave, Miami, Florida.

Now under construction, the company is developing a subdivision in Vero
Beach, Florida, known as EAGLE TRACE. EAGLE TRACE is a heavily deed
restricted, walled, gated community with a lake in the center. NRES will
build houses and sell lots to other builders. The sale of the lots in EAGLE
TRACE will generate $1,500,000 net income in year 2001-2002.

A 60 unit condominium project known as THE RESIDENCES AT BAY HARBOR, located
on Bay Harbor Island, which will generate $12,000,000 in revenues and a
$2,500,000 profit to the company in year 2002. The building is pre-sold to
one buyer before being built, generating $2,500,000 profit to the company;

A 70 unit apartment house in Miami known as BARCELONA APARTMENTS, generating
upon sale $8,000,000 revenues and $3,000,000 net income in 2002. ENCORE
SERVICES, INC. is a licensed building contractor, and a wholly owned
subsidiary, which is building the company projects thru its affiliate Encore
Builders Inc. and subcontractors.

The company has authorized a stock repurchase program for up to 10% of the
company common stock.

Forward-looking statements in this press release are made pursuant to the
``safe harbor'' provisions of the Private Securities Litigation reform act
of 1995. Investors are cautioned that such forward-looking statements
involve risks and uncertainties, including without limitation, continued
acceptance of the company's products, competition, completion problems,
technological changes and other risks.

Both of these stocks are very active and many eyes are watching!

Well thats it for now,buy low sell high and RideTheWave : )  Links  Search   Disclaimer  About Us Advertising

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