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Welcome to

Rick's Prime Picks


Ok, finally back from 10 days in Rome with no laptop, but my return comes at

a great time, Things are really looking up for my original picks of (VASO) up

to $6.56 from

$2.44 on 2/25. This is going nowhere but up after the FDA approval and


by The Mayo Clinic. As a healthcare professional i have heard nothing but

good things and positive anticipation about Vasomedical's EECP device outside

of investor circles. Stay in for the long haul, this has a ton of upward


Congrats to those of you who got in on on SATX at the time of my origional


now have seen almost a 425% increase in ten days. Currently at $3.41 up from

88 cents at time of pick. The sky is the limit on this one. Global

positioning is huge in europe and will be even bigger here in the next 18


PRAV stick with it .Another global positioning goldmine currently at 2 1/4

and still a strong buy. you will profit on this one over the long

haul.Management is doing all the right things to ensure Paradigm is the

leader in GPS.

As always use due diligence and research any stock before you buy.

*******DISCLAIMER*******Rick's Prime Picks is intended as a commentary and is

not to be taken as a consultation.



My picks include Vasomedical (VASO) . Cutting edge technology for heart


suffering from angina (a huge customer base in itself) this procedure is

painless and non invasive and is making a lot of sense to Patients,

Physicians and Managed Care

Managers alike. This is sure see $20 + in the next 12 to 18 months!!! I

bought this in January @ $1.40 and it currently is around $3.20. Today 2/22

this traded at 1,043% volume....something big is happening here.

Paradigm Advanced Technology (PRAV) This Company Holds the Patent and

Worldwide Rights For the cellular GPS (Global Positioning System) This will

take the place of digital and traditional cellular and I believe will be the

hot new Technology for cars (the Cadillac Northstar System ), boats, and the

trucking industry in the coming decade, Right now this is trading at $2.30

and is still one heck of a bargain. I bought this on jan 21 for .90cents. SEC

filings are in and a strong management team has already

turned down several offers to sell this patent to other corporations who want

to cash in on it.Dont miss out on this!!!

SATX Inc.(SATX) The paging equivalent to (PRAV) mentioned above, has the

exclusive rights to the paging end of GPS

and will see the same success as PRAV in the coming decade. Buying this and

Prav now is like adding two triple crown winners to your stable, you will

have a piece of all the marbles in the world of Global Positioning at a

bargain price

(SATX) is currently trading at 88 cents.

Disclaimer: Ricks Prime Picks is intended as a commentary and is not intended

to be taken as a consultation

As always use your own good judgement and do your research before you

purchase any stock.

***The Cadillac Northstar System is A Trademark of Cadillac and General

Motors****  Links  Search   Disclaimer Advertising

© 1997, 1998,1999, 2000 All rights reserved.