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Welcome to


February 21, 2000

Well I was wrong about CPAQ! (IMO)

I believe the information I recieved was bogus!

Some people say they are just reorganizing.

I am just going to take my loss (and my lesson) and move on.

I'm still in PIHC (until it reaches $10) and recently aquired PCTH.

PCTH (Pacific Aerospace) has recently recieved some new contracts

and is growing: Revenue growth rate: 98.46%

The debt ratio is a little high and the profits low, but I think this is


they are entering into a new area of business (and that costs money)

Look up the latest news and you'll see what I am saying.

DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH! (you'll sleep better)

I am currently looking at some penny stocks. I'll keep posting!


February 16, 2000

I always start with recommendations from other people.

Then I do my own research.

I only have two picks right now:

PIHC-A growing health care company. Within 5-6 months $10.

CPAQ-Computer company with upcoming prospects around the world.

I mention these two because I didn't see them on anyone else's pages.

If you care to e-mail me it's: But I have a mixed up

schedule and can't always get back to you right away. Be sure to

mention "allstocks" in the subject area or I may not even open it.  Links  Search   Disclaimer Advertising

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