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If you have a stock selection that meets these guidelines and sells for less than $10.00 or have questions, E-mail me at

For a small cap company selling under $10.00 per share to become a medium or large cap company, in my opinion, several guiding principles must apply.  I am listing some guidelines that have served me well.  (1) Must be listed on the NYSE, ASE, or NASDAQ stock exchanges, (no BB stocks).  (2) The stock must have revenue going up the last two years.  (3) The last four quarters must show the E.P.S. in an uptrend.  (4)The profit margin must be maintained quarter-to-quarter in an upward bias.  (5)Current assets must be greater than liabilities; prefer 2-1 ratio or better.  (6) More insiders buying than selling in the last 18 months. The above guidelines tend to give a stock consistency and stability. 

These stocks are for the long term hold of 6-24 months. These stock selections are only my opinion based on my own research.  Always do your own research before investing your own funds. I do own some of these stock picks.

This list is short because it is difficult to find quality stocks under $10.00.

NEW click on the stock symbols below for a chart with trading activity.

                                Price end of
Date     Rec. Price  Week  1-15-98   Symbol              Name of Company

9-11-98    5 1/8

5 1/8


Embrex Inc


Embrex has developed and commercialized the only automated egg injection system.  This system eliminates the need to manually vacinate newly hatched broiler chicks. EMBX has an annual growth rate of 22%.

9-4-98    6 1/2

 9 7/8


Global Payment Technologies

This company designs, manufactures, and markets paper currency validators and
paper currency stackers
Growth rate 20% or higher, revenue and earnings climbing.

6-2-98    3 1/2

2 5/16


Cade Industries,Inc

Cade is an aircraft engine testing and parts repair company.  Yearly increase in revenue above 50%. Earnings doing well.  Web site

6-2-98     2 7/8

2 15/16


Go-Video, Inc

Go-Video designs,develops, and markets electronic video products. Revenue and
E.P.S. increasing.Web site,

6-2-98     2 7/16

4 1/16


Gentner Communications


GTNR designs, manufactures, and distributes audioconferencing products and
services.  Revenue and E.P.S. doing well. Web site  Links  Search   Disclaimer

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