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Welcome to

ProfitableOnes's Weekly Picks

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Bought IBUI at .047

Bought FBNI at .004


Bought SVMD at .019

Bought AREE at .0048

Sold AREE at .0067

Sold NHTC at .068

Still holding TEXN...long.

Still holding MPTV...long.

Still holding SVMD.


NHTC bought at .06


MPTV at .012 has the ability to be a very

explosive company very soon. MPTV is currently

reviewing prime acquisition candidates that have

millions in revenues and that generate profit.

MPTV needs this to build a solid base or

business foundation prior to getting a final loan

for their timeshare plans in VEGAS.

If MPTV fairs well with an acquistion or acquisitions,

MPTV could become one of the largest timeshare

businesses. Based on MPTV's past P.R.'s, it seems

that MPTV lining everything up for that huge acquisition,

and then closure of loan for their VEGAS timeshare.

For such a huge potential return...I'm betting on MPTV's

success. We will see. Currently at .012, I believe that

MPTV is a great value with so much potential.

Here is an excerpt from a more recent P.R. in March,


In accordance with MPTV's strategy, the Company will seek to acquire luxury timeshare properties that currently generate positive cash flows and profits. The acquisition candidates must have current revenues of over $75 million and be scalable to $100 million within a few years and assets of $100 million or more.

``We have identified several acquisition candidates in our industry, each one of which would significantly boost MPTV's asset base and put us on the map as one of the larger timeshare owners and operators. Moreover, the acquisitions would create a more substantial infrastructure that will serve to more meaningfully leverage our Lake Tropicana property,'' stated Hurley C. Reed, CEO of MPTV. ``We are particularly excited about generating very strong cash flows that can then be reinvested in increasingly higher-return properties. We have begun the negotiation process and are currently preparing term sheets. Our goal is to proceed expeditiously to increase shareholder value.''



TEXN at .185

Sold SYTE at .06

Added MPTV at .012



Sold AKLM at 1.60

Bought MPTV at .012



AKLM at $1.51



Sold MMCI at .16

Sold NHTC at .145

New Pick:

SYTE at .045

April 7:

NHTC .045

MMCI .10

NACT .18

A note on NACT:

I have received a letter from NACT's President that the

deal of the $24 mil. merge with Leaf is a matter of

"dotting the I's and crossing the T's."

Further, the accumulation process continues as the bid

as strengthened, and price offers by the MM's have


NACT has 8 mil. shares authorized; with less than 3 mil.

in the float...thus, with a $24 mil. merge, there is a

possibility that NACT would have a share value of $3 per

share based on the merge.

Thursday, April 5, NACT traded over 230,000 shares;

there was BUY for 70,000 shares at .20 Over 80%

BUYS on Thursday, while Friday...NACT took a

breathier with a volume of only 7500 shares.

When the NEWS comes...this has all the marks of

being a high-flyer. Stay Tuned.  Links  Search   Disclaimer  About Us Advertising

© 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998,1999, 2000, 2001 All rights reserved.