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GBLX is building the world's first global fiber optic network spanning 101,000

route miles in 27 countries and 200 major cities. Global crossings network

will comprise the arteries of the e-commerce revolution. GBLX recently closed

above the 13 day EMA. Volume is increasing and had recent good news. If the

market recovers, I expect GBLX to recover to it's previous levels.

1 month target=$45


TCLN recently acquired a patented cancer fighting drug. The drug allows

cancer cells to uptake other drugs as much as 400% more. This drug could lead

to billions in future sales. If the biotech sector heats up again, TCLN will

ride the wave. This is a longterm hold, with possible nearterm gains if

biotechs rebound.

1 year target=$20


The following picks should outperform the market by a wide margin. Please

do your own DD

Time to pick up all those bargains from the correction. The correction is

over in my opinion, and we could see the Nasdaq move up 400-600 points this

week. Linux should heat up again.


This company is emerging as the leader in Telehealtcare. The industry is

valued at $25 billion, and an annual growth rate of %40. Watch CYBR become

the AOL of healthcare. CYBR should move rather substantially over the next

few weeks. The technicals are aligning for an even more powerfull rally than

Feb. Get it while it is under $20. FDA approval in next few days. I'm

holding this one for many years to come.

1 year target=$150 7-10 year target=$1000


ISLD is in the market to help business's globalize their market. Revenues and

customer base is on the rise. Technicals looking very good. Closed above the

13 day EMA, MACD histogram positive, and MACD is making its way to the

positive. Short interest was very high for past month, watch the shorts

scramble for cover when the market starts moving back up.

2 month target $60


JMAR has converted from the hardware to semiconductor market. Semiconductor

sales are looking very good, and has a couple exciting new chips out by the

end of the year. Look into the new FIFO chip. Targeting the

telecommunications equipment market, and biotechnology industry. Blossoming

company with huge growth ahead of it. I think it has found its home in the $6

range. The semiconductor sector is heating up again, and is forecasted to

grow another %400 this year. Technicals are looking better. MACD histogram

just went positive, and the MACD is turning up again.

3 month target $10 1 year target $25


SSFT makes optical character recognition software, and varies other

software's. SSFT was spun off by Xerox a few years back. SSFT recently was

added to Microsoft's Frontpage 2000 software package. SSFT niche will be

getting corporate document's digitized to reduce paper use and storage. Very

undervalued currently, and has shown it can move on news. Technicals are not

looking all that hot right now. Looking for a recovery of share price soon.

3 month target $6 1 year target $10  Links  Search   Disclaimer Advertising

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