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Peps Picks


Unfortunetly vsrc didn't release earnings @ the shareholders meeting
11/2/00, Jay Mcshirley the ceo of vsrc says that they will be releasing
earnings and revenues Dec. 15, so there is extra time to get in!! pep


Check out vsrc (ticker symbol) it just hit the nasdaq oct. 31 and is
trading @ 14 3/8. This company has already lined up institutions to
purchase the stock as long as it meets earnings, the word is they beat
earnings! earnings are expected to come out today 11/2/00. vsrc is an
excellent buy under 20.00, for long and short term, we expect $30. 00 by
friday and $150.00 within 60 days!!!! Then a 3 for 1 stock split by July
2001!!! I bought, just wish I could afford more!! do your own
research as always, and GOODLUCK! pep  Links  Search   Disclaimer  About Us Advertising

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