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Welcome to:

Penny Values Picks


Its Friday, its been a very blahh week as far as the
market is concerned. IMMM is at .51 still up from my
profile of .35. There has been more profit taking
then I thought was going to happen, but we should
continue up in the short term

LAHA was recomended at .58 and now resides still at
the same level. This stock has a solid base and if
you research the charts you'll see it doesnt go lower
than the fifties and when it gets in this range it
usually springs up quickly on low volume. Earnings
are comming and LAHA has said Aug was a record month
and OCT could be better. So I cant see any downside
with this stock. I own a good number of shares and
will most likely pick up a few thousand more.

The only thing that scares me is that Hallloween is
almost here and there has been talks of Terrorist
attacks of some sort on Halloween which could hurt the

If you want to be on the EMAIL list please send me
your email address

Any questions or comments feel free to ask.


Everything is just sitting there, IMMM and LAHA are
staying strong at these support levels, we are still
looking for a move. Probably sooner with IMMM since
earnings are due beginning of Nov. Any questions
please ask.



IMMM took a little dip today on decent volume. Some
more profit takers. But take a look at the graph its
like climbing a mountain you go up, down a little, up
again, down a little and up again. Thats the nice
thing about investing in a company with growing
revenues and earnings, there is no downside. This
company is not going out of business and only has
upside potential.

LAHA minor volume no big deal, it will be up all in
the near term. Just takes patients to make money.



Well IMMM made it to .60 and should continue today,
dont see any reason for it to drop any. Should
continue to rise to mid to high .60's before more
profit taking and then we should see a steady rise
into earnings.

Laha finished the day with an ask of .68 up from .62
so we did see movement there. That one will move on
small volume also.

Depending on how much each individual invests really
controls when you can take profits and if it is worth
it. For me taking 10-20% profit equates to $750-$2000
so sometimes I will be out and back in a few times as
a stock moves up and down to my target prices. For
people who are investing less you need to decide what
you are happy with as profits and you might have to
wait for a 30%-50% profit to make it worth it.

No risky picks, but there is another value stock I may
profile the end of this week or next. Another very
nice stock. But IMMM is still a good play and LAHA
has not made its move yet so have fun


IMMM moved nicely yesterday on 100,000+ volume. We
should see .60's this week. Like I said Earning will
be coming out first or second week of Nov and we
should get a nice run to .80-1.00 all depending. I
took another 5000 share block yesterday morning.

On to another value play.

LAHA currently .58 .This stock likes to roll just like
IMMM from the .60's to 1.00. This means an easy
20%-50% return in a short period of time. LAHA has
been increasing their earnings each quarter and
reportedly had record revs during aug and sept. so we
will see. For the nine months they had earnings of .11
per share so I am looking for close to .15-.20
earnings per share for the year with revs on rise and
cost reductions being implemented. THere is very
limited downside to this stock, all positive.

"Net income for the third quarter of 2001 was
$l,016,271, an increase of 115% or $.05 per share
compared to $473,150 or $.03 per share for June 30,
2000. Total revenues for the third quarter were
$6,831,967, an increase of 40% compared to $4,893,131
respectively. Mortgage revenues in this quarter were
$6,341,304, up $3,448,173 or 119% compared to
$2,893,131 respectively.

For the nine-months ending June 2001 net income was
$2,139,847 or $.11 per share, an increase of 115%
compared to $997,585 or $.08 per share for June 30,
2000. Total revenues were $17,103,607, an increase of
63% compared to $10,503,618 respectively. Mortgage
revenues were $16,612,844, an increase of 146%
compared to $6,753,618, respectively. "

"United Implements Technology System Designed to
Reduce Costs by 30% to 40%"

On the RISKY side:
We are waiting for our re-entry point on STRU of .016

Good luck

MM's trying to depict weakness in IMMM by dropping the
price to .40 to show a loss for Friday but the Bid and
Ask remain the same .47 x .41. The sells that came in
on thursday and friday were very small and were
probably just profitakers from the .30 range. Next
week I look for an increase in volume and a nice
forward movement to .60 and then a little retreat to
the low fifties before it climbs higher. Earnings
will be coming out most likely 1st or 2nd week in
November and then we should see the .80-1.00 range
that this stock likes to get to. Be patient and you
will be rewarded.

Risky: Stru made it to .022 just like I said from
.016. That is a nice little profit. I would not buy
at these levels until it drops back down to .016 or
.017. There was some insider selling on Reported for
Oct 1. I dont know if those shares have already been
sold or will be sold soon, but it is about 1,000,000
shares or so and should help the price come down into
the buying range.

Next week I will profile another highly profitable
company that will make a nice run shortly. earnings
of around .20 share and selling at a PE of close to 2

Stay tuned and profitable.



Well many of you have followed me over from my website
and that will be down for awhile. It was too time
consuming to maintain it. I will do a mailing list if
your interested. Send me your email address. If your
not familiar with my picks or philosophy here it is.
I am a short term trader anywhere from 2 days to 2
months. I mostly pick nice value stocks ranging from
.01 to $1.00. I am looking for %20-100% gains and
always encourage taking profits off the table whenever
possible. Do not always look for the homerun. If I
make $500 taking 15% profit and get out too early and
the stock goes up 75%, hey I am not dissappointed.
Profits are profits.

For those that have just joined me you have seen I do
well. First pick was IMMM moved from my entry point
of .35 to a high of .55, now some profit taking has
occured (including myself) and it is down to .45 and
will be climbing to the .60-.70 range in a week or
two. This stock is very low risk with trailing
earnings of .17 per share.

The 2 risky picks I have put out you should of also
profited from if played. Qbid at .007 moved to .012
for a %60 profit and now has retreated back to .01.
Stru which I said was a good buy at .017 made it up to
.022 for a nice %30 gain.

If your not sold, just keep watching.

IMMM cant say enough about this stock it is very solid
with growing earnings and a low PE. It is a very nice
rolling stock also from mid thirties to .80-.90. We
may not test the .80's for another few weeks or month
but .60's should be here next week. This has a very
low float and moves with little value. I have another
value stock that is closing in on an entry point and
when it gets there I will profile it.

Good Luck

Well IMMM is moving from my .35 up to .52 so far.
Took some profits off the table and kept some. This
should keep running to the .60's or .70's. Golden
Rule always take some of your profits off the table.
Have a few more stocks that are getting close to entry
points and when they get there I will post them.

Another riskier play. Dont play these risky plays
unless you are comfortable losing what you invest in
these. But QBID on the pinks is getting nailed down
to .007 and I got in there. Already today it is up to
.01 .Follow this one, there are rumors flying around.


Hello its Friday, Market is still shaky but there is
money to be made. If you have watched IMMM you have
noticed volume all but stopped on 9/28 signaling the
bottom at .34 and now is starting to pick up again and
will move with little volume it is now @ .40 up from
.35 on 9/27 where I recommended it. This stock is an
easy 50%-100% return in the next few weeks. It has a
trailing Earnings of .17 per share. Look at the charts
this stock is a great rolling stock also. Very safe
with the good earnings.

If your looking for a more risky stock you can look at
stru this stock is a popular penny stock, not much
earnings and a big float but at .017 it is relatively
safe to say it will take another bounce to about .025
which is a nice 50% gain.


Hello all, I am new so do yourself a favor and keep an
eye on my selections and commentary and I feel you
will be quite happy. The market is in turmoil
especially with all the earnings warning coming out.
How does that effect the OTCBB/Penny stocks? Well as
you have seen a lot of stocks are sold off and some
deserved it but others offer a great value. My first
stock is:

Symbol: IMMM current price of .35
This stock is relatively unknown, before all the chaos
it was trading in the .70 to .95 range. This stock
has turned profitable and could do as well as earning
.20/share for the year. Outstanding shares are around
12 mil with 78% insider ownership. The float is a
small 1.5 mil shares. Any kind of buying pressure
will shoot this one up. As in any penny stock I
invest in, I always look of insider ownership so the
people that run the company are also looking to
increase the value of their shares. Being a penny and
as profitable as they are it should be no time that
they are back to .60 let alone .80 levels. Please
read the latest earnings report and as always do your
own DD

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