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Option's Picks


PDX [$9]. This stock has everything going for it. Growth, cheap, rotation and a major bottom. 19 week Triple Bottom has very dynamic potential.

MSFT [$93}. This core favorite is ready to reassert itself as it did in Dec.



pdx per These stocks are ready for major explosive up moves.
pdx, ivil,per major bases and breaking out.





PDX [10 1/2}

Major bottom is being broken out of and today saw dramatic up volume as pdx

starts to move out of a perfect 10 day flag..{Look at weekly chart to see 13

week 'domed double bottom'].

Over $12 and this stock is off to the races BIG TIME.

Shorts are 5.7 million out of 6 million available.

Fast, dramatic move ready.

Target [how high is the moon !]:$16, $22 or $38.

IVIL great action and this stock may explode.

Watch [or enjoy] this ONE.



HIFN [52] in midst of major explosion out of big base. News and

fundamentals are outstanding on this washed out darling. Sky's the limit

immediatly [65,79 objective].

PCLN [52] Another major breakout in very strong sector.Objective 76 right

away.This stock can rally $14 like a rocket. [i.e. 2-3 days!]

PDX [10] Dynamic pattern [flag consolidation] has reached completion with

low trigger volume today.

Big potential; great stock!! Washed out [66-10] and great base to support

large rally.


PDX[10 11/16}

This stock is exploding out of dynamic Dome Double Bottom[12 weeks] at end of major washout[66 to 6]. Shorts are about 6 million or about 100% of available shares.First objective of this pattern is 20-24 [possibly 34 or more].This objective can be attained in 5-7 days.  Links  Search   Disclaimer Advertising

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