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Optin's Picks


iivl [18 1/2]. Incredible potential fundamentally and just starting to make

big move. Very strong buying volume coming in

, and a break over $20 is major breakout. Sky's the limit on how high iivl

will surge.

Everyone realizes that this a prime sector in the internet [women spend 90%

and are joining the net at a faster rate than men]. What morning will it be

when NBC wakes up an d realizes the incredible potential for both firms a

marketing agreement [say $20 million in free promotional advertising] and an

equity stake [say 20-100%] would offer; it would definetly make ivil the far

and away leader in this key market and give NBC a major participation in a

key area it can't touch otherwise.

PDX [9 1/2]. pdx is ready to explode. Volume on this flag has dried up to

nothing indicating its ready to resume its major bull move. Extreme dynamic




HIFN [52] in midst of major explosion out of big base. News and

fundamentals are outstanding on this washed out darling. Sky's the limit

immediatly [65,79 objective].

PCLN [52] Another major breakout in very strong sector.Objective 76 right

away.This stock can rally $14 like a rocket. [i.e. 2-3 days!]

PDX [10] Dynamic pattern [flag consolidation] has reached completion with

low trigger volume today.

Big potential; great stock!! Washed out [66-10] and great base to support

large rally.  Links  Search   Disclaimer Advertising

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