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Welcome to

MrSparex's Picks


Well...not much to say except the market has really been rotten. Yesterday

was a relief, JBOH went up over 32% and I expect it wants to explode! If

anyone sold and lost any money...please let me know if it was over 15%

( We all should maintain a mental 15% stop on losses.

You can always buy it back if it continues to drop and we must protect our

money. I say mental because if you put in a stop limit order, it may just

drop down just enough to sell and then go back up. ABOV is my main stock

at the moment. I'm expecting it to do well if the market keeps recovering.

ELNK should have a great day today.

Thanks for reading, I'll update more often as the market straightens out.



Sorry I haven't updated recently. We have watched the market react to

the worry of investors anticipating news on employment and interest rates.

It's no fun watching the market dip...and this has been a dip! Today you

should see the day end on an up trend. JBOH should start going up along

with the NASDAQ this week. PLEASE DON'T SELL JBOH THIS MORNING! It may dip

a little this morning but after that I expect good things. Now don't sell

JBOH to do this but I suggest strongly buying ABOV. If you panicked and

sold JBOH or you're looking for a bargain, buy ABOV.



Only thing for today is the stockwatch. I'm hoping today will be JBOH's

day to go up.




I believe everyone will get a surprise next week with the NASDAQ.

Speaking of surprises...the amount of e-mail I have received has been

surprising! I like e-mail and if you haven't written and are keeping up

with this...WRITE ME! *SCI (hard choice over PROX)



We are doing well! AVTC was bought for 24 and sold for 28 in just a few

days. XCIT was bought for 130 and sold for 160 in just 1 week! 23% in a

week is about 1,200% a year! As soon as SIEB makes us at least 5% (and it

will), we need to all be in JBOH. If you are where you can watch SIEB

closely...sell as high as you can. Those who can't watch closely needs to

put in a sell order where you can clear 5% or 6% and then grab JBOH

anywhere under 18.

I'm going to start listing a stockwatch for potential winners. I'm not

suggesting buying them...I'm not buying them (not yet). I simply want you

to look at them and put them on your portfolio list until they hit a 5%

profit. It will be a good experiment. I'll list them at the end of my

update with a star. Thanks for reading and keep up the great

work. *CDO



I believe AVTC will continue to do well. I suggest (not strongly

though) selling it and taking the profit.

Those of you that still have Unifi, I strongly suggest selling it now

for sure.

Anyone that bought GBFE (and I DID try to talk you into it) saw it more

than double yesterday. I wouldn't buy it now.

Anyone who has been following my tips and have made money, I would

appreciate an e-mail at

I would hold SIEB for a while (actually I am) and if you just must buy

something right JBOH.

I also suggest selling the XCIT and taking a very nice and very quick profit!



Wow! The NASDAQ had it rough! Keep in mind that would be like the dow

dropping about 700 points! I like bargains.

Sell Unifi now. You are still over %10 ahead of the ones who sold it

last week (and they made money). I say that was a great short term stock.

I believe Excite (XCIT) is going to be great if ups and downs don't

upset your stomach. (buy it and don't look at it for about 3 months) For

the record it closed at 129.50 yesterday.

I almost hesitate saying SIEB if you can get in under 32 or

33. I believe it's going to be moving around and will hit some high spots

soon. I have just 31 shares and expect some profit soon. (let me warn you

that it isn't exactly a blue chip though!) It closed at 32 yesterday.



I pick AVTC (if your reading this thursday morning). Very little dought

it will go up TODAY! It's at $24 right now. I'm sitting on it until

probably $27. It's a strong buy. If the nasdaq is strong today you'll see

NDB go up.

If you are a "sit here all day and watch" kinda person then you should

look at Mcgfunk's picks (above). 100% batting average for the daring


You will see Golden Books GBFE go WAY WAY WAY up or bottom out shortly

(probably bottom out) and if you like to diversify buy $100 or so for fun.

Do check Mcgfunks picks while your here. I strongly urge you to

bookmark Even if you break out in a sweat due to the

temptation, never forget...don't chase stocks!



For those of you who bought Unifi stock...I would put in a sell order

with a 12.45 limit if you consider more than 7 days as "long term". Unifi

holders who don't mind "sitting on it" or bought just a few shares will do

well to hold. 10.57 to 12.45 is very good for a short few weeks. I think

it will go up. Golden Books Family Entertainment has

dropped down, if you don't mind gambling...take another look at it.

Mcgfunk's picks mentioned National Discount Brokers (NDB) and I bought

some...made money...sold it...regretting selling it...considering buying



Take note of Petsmart. Due to recent downgrade it has dropped but if you research it you'll find it's a great stock and has a good price at the moment...I stress at the moment. It may keep you nervous a few weeks but around the end of spring you'll see it go up. (PETM)



Unifi (UFI) is about to buy a plant in Brazil.

I haven't seen this in any news yet but it soon

will be unless the deal falls through. A few

months ago their was some inside buying at over

$14. It was recently downgraded and dropped to

$11.50 . It started up but now is headed down.

If it hits $11.50 again it will be a money maker


For those brave investors: Have you been watching

Golden Books(GBFE)? I'm not much on gambling but if

you can afford a "penny possibility" check out

their charts and news...interesting! I got in at 44 cents.

***DON'T CHASE STOCKS!  Links  Search   Disclaimer Advertising

© 1997, 1998,1999, 2000 All rights reserved.