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Welcome to

Mr. Macklin's Top Picks

I understand that during the course of a day one can sometimes get frustrated and have no direction. If you ever need help during market hours feel free to contact me via my email at I'm on all day, if I can be of any help intraday, feel free to call me...

February 11, 2000

Hello all, hopefully a good week for all of you. I myself had a great beginning, and a somewhat strong finish. I'm sorry that I haven't been able to update everyday, yet I've been caught up doing a lot of research to make sure that I'm giving you the best information possible. I really don't think it's possible for a person to give pick after pick day after day. I myself have had great returns on some days, and not so great on others. So, if I myself had a bad day, how could I possibly have initiative to call the next day. That's why I only report picks that I've been watching, have played, and plan to play again inwhich I would hope you'd follow. I want you to know that my picks are not necessarily for the day. They may be a certain time of the day, I'm a momentum trader, not so much an investor. My picks page will give you picks that I plan to go after the next day being that I've seen some good news and reason to do so. Yet, when I play could never be in my picks page. That's why I'm inviting you to email me intraday at and I'll give you my exact plays, entry points, and you can decide whether it'll work for you or not.

Remember me calling pick ABCD to go from $20 to $21 may not be good if you have only 30 shares, you won't even pay your commissions. Yet, if you have 1000 shares, you can walk away once it reaches $20 1/2 and sleep on $500 for the day. Other penny picks can do the same thing like USTI gained .04 10,00 shares get you $400. Reaching me realtime will let you know my expected ranges for the stocks to go, and good entry points that I plan to play. That way we'll be doing this trading thing together.

I've set my trading desk to go after ECTL after a drip, CYTO, TCSI, and maybe LITH after a drip being that the company is supposed to be sold...

Good Luck

Mr. Macklin


February 2, 2000

Hello again everyone, sorry for being away, yet I had to involve myself with a few things. I hope everyone is not really mad about the interest rate hike, I don't see it causing any major damage to our stock market. I heard about the Telaxis IPO, and ofcourse the Turnstone, hopefully you'll caught them. It's been such a funny market these last few days that I've kinda sat back and waited for it to setlle.

I've been watching a stock, and see that it's on an upsurge, was able to get in early and caught a 1.5 today on it. The stock symbol is PARA, for Paramount. It closed 2 days ago at 3 3/8, and opened today at 4, I got in at 4 1/8, and the stock closed at 5 5/16. You know me, I never hold till the next day, yet I know it'll pop up. Be looking for this stock to rise again. If you can, watch it early, and expect me to buy in early. Please don't sit on the sidelines. If you look, it doesn' thave those million volume numbers other big stocks have, so a little bit of buying will move the stock price us drastically. Stock hasn't been fully disseminated and people aren't onto it yet. So before it reaches 20 and 30, try and catch some gains. Will be doing a lot of research tonight, and plan to have more for you tomorrow.

I wish you succesful trading.

Mr. Macklin


January 26, 2000

Hello again all, hopefully LOCH played a big role in everyone's earnings today (.43 WOW). In my opinion, .43 is just a beginner. I myself plan on buying a few more in the morning. Hopefully this stock'll hit 2 by the end of the day. Yet I caution you because I don't think it's good to hold any position over the weekend (Remember, I daytrade, I don't invest). If it rises, take the profit and run. After the weekend, take another glance and dare to jump in to again.

As to my prior stocks.

LITH - up .095

ITEC - up 1/16

An intersesting look for Thursday would be WELU. The stock 2 days ago was running and stopped at .92. Now it's down to .68. In my opinion the stock has reached it's bottom. Now would be a good time to buy. It's 52 week low is .64, no company would let their stock fall through the ground.

I hope all who had snow these last two days got out pretty well, yet if you didn't, hey you and your computer got a little closer :)

All who were able to reach me during the day, I hope my advise was helpful, and if you need me ever again, I'm on all day. Feel free to email me at, and I'll get right to you.

Until tomorrow take care and careful trading....


January 25, 2000

In following today's early buy rush, yet late sell off, I think it would be logical to be careful in tomorr's early buys. The overall market wasn't impressive today yet there are a few places you can go to make a few quick dollars.

$0- $5 range

LITH - Even at a dollar, yet had a great run from .78 low...

LOCH - 1.06 right now, strong buy for short and long invesments

ITEC - Had a unusually high volume, expect gap up in morning.

WELU - Stock finished strong, good buy at .92, maybe gap .95 in morning

$5 - $10 range

VDOT - No one knows when this stock wil stop climbing. Now 8 11/16, was 4 11/16 only 2 days ago.. Not much more clues than that :)

Be careful to research all the information put in these stock pick rooms. I myself am not a professional, yet I trade for a living. The stock picks put in this room are only ones that I have achieved consistent gains in. I've researched all of these stocks, and find them suitable for increase the next day. Check, for my info. in relation to my prior picks. Until tomorrow morning...Good luck trading.

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