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Welcome to

Mark's Moving Stocks

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Well SHSPE is now SHSP and I made a nice profit with that...I am long on CCGR
still it has alot of good products and things going for it this summer. I
found a new stock that is a shell IDFR I bought a couple shares in hope for a
quick gain...Good Luck Everyone!


Well I got in GBTE at the right time sold yesterday for a quick $700 profit.

I don't like the market right now and I don't think it will settle down for a

while yet. I am going to take this week to study it and see what

happens..have a good week. IBUI is bottoming out I believe and SHPSE is

rumored to be dropping the E very soon.



I see the bottom of UVGI at .21

I bought 10,000 shares of GBTE today..this company is expected to win a 52

million dollar law suit. I am taking a shot with this company so do your own


CCGR is also a good hold this company has alot of products coming out soon

and is a good buy at .14...

Good Trading



UVGI is a strong buy at .32....great news with more to come

I bought 800 shares of TGLO at $3.12...and 1000 shares of BYND at $2.5 these

stocks should be up shortly. The market will most likely be unstable for

some weeks I am just making little trades here and there I bought Ebay

yesterday at $143 and sold today at $154 for a small profit. Here are some

other stocks I am holding long term. at $46 at 26.75 at 104 at 11.50

I will be looking at AMTD and GETY for tomorrow.....have a great day, be

careful out there and good luck!







I am long on all 4 of these pennies....

ISLD--32.00 is a good buy at this price

QCOM---109.5 i see as a good buy and hold as well as EBAY 150.25

also watch BMY--50.00  Links  Search   Disclaimer Advertising

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