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NRPI is now at .015! Do the DD. Do the math!

If you buy NRPI at .015 and hits .30 the return on your investment is 1,900% $1,000 invested is now $20,000 on a .25 stock price move!

DELL ($20.438) is trading at close to its year low ($17.25). I expect resistance of around 25 to break soon. The next resistance of around 32 - 33 soon to follow.

If you buy DELL at $20.438 and hits $28 the return on your investment is a about 34.1% $1,000 invested is now $1,341 for a profit of $341!

One thing some investors do not understand is the return on investment. Here is what we really want from an investment:

It does not matter if you invest $1000 in a stock that sells for $5 or $25. What I hear so many investors talk about is how many points a stock moves. What we really care about is how much of a percentage it moved from our purchase price. In fact, it does not matter how much you invest. The percent of return on invested money is the same.

For example, if a $5 stock moves 2 points to $7 the value of your $1000 is now $1400 or a 40% return on your investment. Now if the $25 stock moves 2 points to $27 the value of your $1000 is now $1080 or a 8% return on your investment.

As you can see each stock moved 2 points but the 2 point move is much more significant on the $5 stock. This is the attraction to penny stocks. A small move in the stock price is a huge return (or loss) on your investment.

To calculate the return percentage simply do this: Divide the profit or loss you currently have by the price the stock was selling for when you purchased it (not now much you invested totally).

NRPI: $2 / $5 = .4 or 40%

DELL: $2 / $25 = .08 or 8%

Nowhere in the equation do you find the amount of your total investment. When calculating the rate of return the amount of investment simply does not matter.

Do not be scared away from a higher priced stock if you think it will make a nice move. Look for the rate of return you believe you can make.



NRPI .03

Any other information you would like to include on the page.
NRPI web page:

This has to be the most undervalued stock in the OTC:BB markets today!
With 3 housing projects in the works and a fourth on its way this stock can
not stay at these levels much longer.

GRANDA GRAND APPARTMENTS: Under construction This property will soon be a
luxurious and affordable 60 unit rental apartment building.

EAGLE TRACE SUBDIVISION: Ground breaking took place on September 17, 2000
for this heavily deed-restricted, walled and gated community with a lake in
the center. NRPI will build houses and sell lots to other builders.
Sale of 64 lots will generate $1,500,000 net income in year 2001

CONQUISADOR PLAZA APTS: A 60 unit luxury apartment project that will be
built on the land the company has a contract to buy. NRPI has received
formal funding commitment from First Housing Development Corp for this

COSTA DEL SOL APARTMENTS: Building 60 Unit Residential Units to be built as
a luxury rental project or Condominiums. NRPI closed on land August 2, 2000
for a purchase price of land: $850,000. NRPI expects that the units will
sell for $150,000 to $225,000 or rent for $1,800.00 per month. Revenues are
expected exceed $10,000,000 profit of $3,000,000 is expected in year 2002.

Check out their web site to view construction photos. This is not a shell.
NRPI has a strong business plan and is executing it. All properties are
located in prime Florida locations. See for yourself at  Links  Search   Disclaimer  About Us Advertising

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