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Kenny's Pennies


mvee .0016 up over 14% for the day high was .0018 volume up over 600,000,000 this is the second day in a row this stock has closed up lets see it keep moving and maybe it will go where it really should be about .10.



mvee moved up 16% yesterday to .0014 lets see it keep on going idfr .115 this stock is a looking good check out its news articles nres .0042 good news out of this company as well



nbrg .90 5-1 split on Friday 1June01
low 71.82 2-1 split on 8June01
mptv .013 this one is looking good
jahi .07
mvee .0012 buying more volume was almost 400,000,000 on Friday.



nwml .05 jumped on low volume 66%
dppi .195 moved a couple of pennies yesterday
vwlc 1.80 heard some rumors on this company stock jumped 88% it should go
esww .39 this is a really good buy for this stock
mvee .0011 this company has a movie in the making with Jack Nicholson.
This is a great buy for this stock it just about can only go north.

Do your own research and play at your own risk. Good luck!!!



mvee .0012 (dirt cheap) it can only go up from here. I don't see with all
the movies this company has come out with and all the movies that are coming
why this stock is so low. I remember when this stock was staying around the
.06 range and now .0012. This stock is way worth the money. Check out its web
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