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Nothing within this page shall constitute a solicitation or an offer to buy or sell any security mentioned herein. All investment decisions should be reviewed by a qualified professional. All statements made are my express opinion only and should be treated as such.

My pick for Thurs. Sept. 24th is RIV at 6

My pick for Tuesday, Sept. 29 is VTCO at 1.375

My pick for Friday Sept. 11th is ONTV at .03

My pick for Wed. Sept. 3rd. is ARET at .01

My pick for Monday, July 6th is DYNS at .025

My pick for the week of Monday June 15, is HCCA @  .009

My pick for Monday June 8th is AAFG at .75

My pick for Wednesday June 3rd is TREY at .091

My pick for Tuesday June 2nd is ALDM at .20

My pick for Friday May 29th are SATKQ at .009

My Pick for Thursday May 28th is CAYC at .25

My pick for the week of Tuesday, May 26 is INVI @ .085

My pick for the week of Monday, May 18th. is ADVT @ .087  Links  Search   Disclaimer

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